Reno mini trap shoot

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Reno mini trap shoot

Postby Sagebrush » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:28 pm

Had our second small trap shoot at Sage Hills trap club in Reno today.
There were about twelve teams that showed up for the shoot, with a 5 man team to shoot the
16 yards singles and then later the Handicap depending on the teams scoring.

My team did pretty good at the 16 yard line but we had to shoot on the 3rd go round and the light
"Breeze" that was to show up in the morning turned out to be 8-10 mph at 11:30 when it was our turn to shoot.
We still managed to get top score for the singles but then they had a lunch break, before starting the HDCP round.

Wind was really starting to pick up and the birds were dropping,rising, every thing in the gust and the scores showed it.
Our team missed quit a few more than we normally do and ended up with 4th place over all but we all had a great time
shooting against old friend and arch rivals.
I started out well but back at the handicap I had a brain "Phart" and missed a bird and ended up with a 49 total. There was
one other shooter that could tie me for a shoot off but he ended up missing two birds in the wind to give me "High Gun" for the shoot. Nice.........but I really wanted to post a 50 !! Oh well, maybe the next shoot.

I have to tip my hat off to the new Alliant Green Dot for those scores.............19.5 grs in a Rem sts hull works great in
my shotgun for Handicaps yardages.

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Re: Reno mini trap shoot

Postby 3200 man » Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:07 pm

Sage ,
Nice shooting ,King for the Day aways feels good . Sage can be a place ,that will humble a fella ,for sure . I have shot
Sporting competitions there ,that humble pie was served to me on a Big Platter and all I could hear ,was everyone shot the
same targets ( Bull Pucky) ,Mine went straight-up and there's went straight -out ,mine went straight-down and there's went
straight-up .OH well ,it's always fun to shoot at Sage Hill .
Sounds like ,you got that Green dot load dialed in pretty good .With the confidence you are showing in it ,we'll have to hook-up
one of these days and shoot together ?

I got to see Bill Holmes last weekend ,he was high for the day also .
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