Final 30-06 loads

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Final 30-06 loads

Postby Sagebrush » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:51 pm

Just one more test with the Rem. 150gr core-lokt bullet in the trusty 30-06 to make sure I had the best load going for me this season. With imr4350 I get a factory dup load with a 1" group at 100 yards and I wanted to give 4064 a chance.
The load was only 47grs to try to save a little more meat and the 1st load was not crimped and set at an OAL of 3.25 inches (fac)

Not at poa, matter of fact, 2.5" right of where the 4350 powder struck and the 4 bullets had a group of 2.22".
Oh well, I still had the same load to try again but this one had a crimp on the cannelure and the OAL was at 3.19".

When the smoke cleared, there was my nice BIG 6" target at just 100 yards, after firing all four rounds, with the aid of a
front rest and a rear sand bag under the butt, looking back at me with a single, lone bullet hole in it !! I checked the
screws and scope and all was tight.

I was totally blown away. I could not understand how a rifle could like one powder so much and turn around and get this type of groups from another powder, when the brass length, sizing, primers and OAL were all the same with non and crimped loads.
I am dropping the 150gr bullet. Maybe next year?

Two weeks left.................. down to the 180gr or the .270 win mod. 70.
Hope it comes together soon. Next trip to the range will be very busy.

Thought I was going blind but two 4 shot groups of 55gr bullets from my 22-250 at .57 and .74 , let me know it was not me and just a bad loading combo.

Hope everyone is doing well shooting.
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Re: Final 30-06 loads

Postby ajmorell » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:04 am

Good luck. My gun does ok with 4064 but it really likes H4350. This year my load is a 180 grain Sierra Gameking (SPBT) over about 57gr of shoots well under an inch.
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Re: Final 30-06 loads

Postby waterfowlhunter » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:52 am

I have always had better luck in the 30-06 with 180gr over the 150's in a 308 my best loads have been in the 165 to 168 range. rifling twist has a lot to do with what velocity and bullet weight your rifle likes. I like the 4350 and 4831 for my accuracy loads.
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Re: Final 30-06 loads

Postby Sagebrush » Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:35 am

Thanks for the reply guys.........

I have three loads that work with the 165gr in my -06. The fac dup. is 57gr 4350 with cci250 and the target loads are
54gr imr4350 or 55gr imr4831, both with a cci250 with a fps around 2550.

The 180gr works with 54gr H414 cci250 or 54gr imr4350 with a w120 primer for a close fac dup. loading.
180gr sierra BT with 51gr imr4350, w120 around 2430fps for a nice light deer load with 3 ft/lbs of less recoil.

The 200gr BT works with 54gr imr4350, w120 at 2570fps with 58c 4831, cci250 in second place, but very close
in accuracy. 46gr of 4064 with a cci200 is at 48,000 cup and puts 3 @ 1.18" for a slow 2340fps loading.

I tried to get 4064 to work but it just does not stay the same in groups every time. 1" , then 5 @ 2.49 inches etc. etc.
from the 150 to the 200gr bullets. 4350 is the powder that works in all my loads....never tried the H4350 but it has to be
as good, one would think, due to the close burn rate.

the 150gr Speer SP is the only light bullet that shot well in my rifle and 52.5gr 4320 cci220 and 48gr Varget cci250 were
the only loads that grouped at .80 or less. The twist might not be right for this bullet weight, so next trip to the store I will
load up on 168 hp for my practice/plinking loads and make the 180gr my hunting load, since it will do it all.

Have a great year and stay safe and warm.
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