Hay Sets for Fox

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Hay Sets for Fox

Postby Woodywoodduck2 » Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:26 pm

Anyone on here ever try this?

You take Timithy Hay, About 2 hands full Shape it into a Horseshoe and put the trap in the opening of the "Shoe" You put just a Tad of Lure or Urine on some Hay right above the Trap and just lay alittle Hay over the Trap.

no Sifting Dirt over it, just alittle hay!

Wondering if anyone has tried this??

I have 4 sets like this out. NOTHING!!!! I know there are Grays on this Farm. Seen them many days hunting Archery and just 2 weeks ago in Rifle deer Season.


I have some traps set on Trails leading into a dump pile the Farmer has....NOTHING!!!! The Farmer told me, he saw 2 Grays just yesturday near the Dump pile!

Anyone ever make the hay set??

Any one have any ideas why I'm Coming up Empty????

OH, maybe I should add.

We have about 4 inchs of Snow on the ground with about 1/2 inch of Ice on the Top...YET the Farmer saw the 2 Grays yesturday near the Dump pile.
Traps are not frozen in and nothing has been messing with the Hay sets!

Alot of Guys around here are Killing Reds, Grays and Coyotes on the hay set.

I'm doing something wrong and can not figure out what!
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Postby take EM' close » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:53 pm

Well first make sure you're not leaving a lot of scent around the trap. If you can check your traps from a distance do that and LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Each time you walk to them you add more scent. I make them where I can glass them, then every Sunday I usually walk down to them to rework them, unless of course I catch something before, then I walk down to them.

Did you dye your traps, they could be smelling your traps due to it not being TOTALLY covered with dirt, only with hay.

Another thing you might try is to make a dirt hole set just to see if they like it better. Never use the same set in an area 2+ times, they will get used to it and then you definatley won't catch anything.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of feedback for this, try different stuff for each set and see what works. Then go to that!!!!! :salude: :salude: :salude: :salude: :salude: :salude:

Hope this helped :salude:
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