Ideas from the Northern Guys Please!

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Ideas from the Northern Guys Please!

Postby Woodywoodduck2 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 8:59 am

I'm coming up EMPTY!!!

I posted about the Hay Set that ALOT of guys use here in PA when it turns cold and the Snow Flies!

I have 4 hay sets out and have 8 Traps set on trails that are leading to a Dump Pile the farmer has!

I'm not getting ANYTHING!

The Farmer has told me, he has been seeing a Gray Fox arond the Dump pile!

I have seen a Coyote on this Farm while Archery Hunting and Rifle Hunting! Could get NO Shots at him! He is PURE Black!

Can any of you Northern Guys Give me some Ideas on some Different Sets?
Dirt Holes are OUT Right now!
Guys I have talked to have said, the Dirt Holes are not working and the Hay Sets are the "Ticket"

Any Help Please?
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Postby Cobra » Fri Dec 23, 2005 6:08 pm

It may not be the set itself, it may be that you're leaving to much for them to smell or see that you've been there. Inadvertently it was the downfall of some of my sets from time to time in the past. Sometimes placing a set away from the area, even if it's in a place you don't think they'll be works. Don't know why, but seemed to be the ticket on animals that were somewhat used to people being around.
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