calling/Killing coyotes

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calling/Killing coyotes

Postby Duplex lover » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:12 am

We went out calling Monday. The wind was going to be the best ( least) up on the high line so we left early. Got up above Havre before shooting light. We saw some state land on the map we wanted to try, found it and set up right at light. COOOLD ! About -1* and a little breeze. Set up and called ,25 freezing min’s later I saw a HUGE hairy dog jump in to the frozen milk river bed at a full assault run. He covered the ¼ mile up to the coulee I was sitting in a matter of a very few seconds. I was trying to get the gun on him but never could, about the time he was right in front of me I wiggler my fingers on the trigger, trying to get some feelings back. He picked up on the movement and turned to attack the rabbit, my hand. He covered that 25 yards in a blink of an eye. I’m “Woofing” at the top of my lungs trying to get him stopped so I could shoot him, but he kept coming. I could see the look in his face change to full attack. I finale just looked down the side of the scope and fired , Just missed over his head, but it did make him turn and run I tried another shot but of course not connecting.Scary! BOY, I sure wished I had my 870 and the load of #4 buck that was setting back at the truck. That was how the first set went. We hunted all day, as the sun got higher it warmed to around +20*. 9 more sets and two more dogs. One I shot at 168 yards and the other at 102. Both shot with my 22/250 with 53 gr Match kings, which worked perfectly. Dead on and only a 22 caliber entrance hole ,no exit. Man the coyotes up there look great, In prime. Hope to get $60 bucks each stretched. :umm: :sniper:
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