Two way communication can you /do you use it?

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Two way communication can you /do you use it?

Postby Duplex lover » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:27 pm

The only time we CAN use it is hunting or Trapping Coyotes, anything goes... We have Walkie-talkies with a head set and mike boom. There very low power jobs, where only trying to cover 200 yards most of the time. They have a "Voice" activate option but it"s not that useful, if you hack, breath to hard , or windy there alway going in the other persons ear,not good. I don't know HOW many times it has saved a set. We will sit 100/200 yards apart with the call behind and between us. One of us up wind the other down normally, looking opposite directions. We cover a LOT more ground that way. MAN a heads up whispered in your ear can mean the difference . Many Coyotes go undetected in a call and will slip up ,see you or cut your sent and be gone with out ever being seen. I think two people will see and get way more then double the dogs then two people separately in a day.
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