Shooting sticks for deep snow

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Shooting sticks for deep snow

Postby Duplex lover » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:28 am

:( Last year was a snow monster and for hunting it was ,not as enjoyable as this one so far. Last year the snow got so deep we had to use snow shews and X-country skis to get out to most of our Coyote calling spots. When we got out we have big padded cushions to sit on that help keep my fat *** from sinking in TO deep. But our shooting sticks would sink in and look more like Bi-pods 6 or 8 inches out of the snow. SO all summer I was looking for something to help and I found it. I ordered some "Walking stick/ski pole baskets. There very near the size of my shooting stick shafts. I had to build up about 1/16 ' with black elections tape then I pushed them on and screwed them in to place, Cool. It make for a very GOOD fit and look like they will work. As luck would have it this year ,NO snow,HUMMM. The baskets are a bit of a dither with out snow and tend to tangle in the tall weeds and grass but I bother them and slip them in my shooting vest for a time there is snow.
PS :
The last time I put a picture and an Idea up on the computer I found the exact same thing for sail at Wal Mart, :eek: there went my retirement $$$ :gr:
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