A little lunch break fun

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A little lunch break fun

Postby brsutton86 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:55 pm

Well, I don't really hunt yotes, but I've shot several deer and duck hunting. One of the farms I hunt I see them often, prolly every other time I'm there. One morning last year, I had 7 around a pond I was walking to, to throw some decoys. So I've had a few fun experiences with them. One morning last year in the corn field me and a buddy were in layout blinds in the middle of our goose spread. Half asleep I looked to, to see a coyote head down sneaking in on the decoys. Moments later he went down with a 15 yard shot. But, today topped the yote fun for me. I was walking in to scout for ducks on a pond at lunchtime. I got to the top of a hill, looking down 150 yards towards the pond (which is in the edge of a brushy area) to see a grey and reddish yote walking across the dam. I kneeled down behind a tiny bush and pulled out my phone to use the yote app. All I had on me was my cc 357 pistol. So i knew it had to be closer, but I figured it would be fun tryig anyway. So I hit the howler and he started looking around. I tryed a couple other calls, he just kept trotting side to side looking. The wind was in his favor, but you could tell it was killing him not to see anything. After about 10 min of playing around he walked around the back side of the brush/pond. So i snuck down around the corner to see if he was lingering around. Nothing so I stood up straight glanced at the pond, no ducks. Turned back around and 25 yards away that sucker was bedded down and I didn't even notice him. He jumped up and took off. I grabbed my 357 and popped 2 shots, the first one he kicked to the left a little, but kept running. Little far for the stub nose, I couldn't find him. But man what a rush. He would have been mounted with the 357 mag shell on the base!
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