Predator hunting addiction withdrawals

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Predator hunting addiction withdrawals

Postby Duplex lover » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:57 pm


I don't know if I'll make it.

It's been two weeks sense I last shot something.

My Name is "DL" and I'm a hunt-alholic.

My Hunting bud ( son) has been tied up putting out fires all over the country, My other so called Hunting Buddy's have all seemed to get jobs and honey do's. So here I set... The oldest Granddaughter is off seeing her dad, the wife hates to sit in the truck when I'm out ,Bla,Bla,Bla. Don't any of them know what there doing to me? I can't sleep at nights ,I get cold sweats when I get a whiff of sage blowing in my window. The geese fly over my House well in shotgun range every morning and night taunting me. The situation is getting grave, I've ran out of components to reload, the bluing is coming off the guns from cleaning them so much. My wife found me out side lighting gun powder in the fire pit just to smell it,Boy Was I embarrassed!I think I have read every post on the computer about hunting,shooting,and reloading,I wore out Two pair of glasses.AND now the monsoons have set in turning any chance to get out in to a MUD bogging contest not hunting. Well As I sit here typing this I have my pole dangling in my pond,I'll catch one of the goldfish yet, I'm formulating and coordinating a Maybe dog calling trip after work with one of the neighbors for early part of next week. MAN i hope it pans out or you'll probable read about me in the papers,or see my on U tube in camo walking the streets putting the hunt on the Robbins and sea gulls in town.

Please pray for ME !!!!!
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