5 more nice pelts in the freezer

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5 more nice pelts in the freezer

Postby Duplex lover » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:59 am

Sunday; 3:300 AM, truck all loaded and gassed,picking up the last member of the team and off we go. The thermometer is resting solid on -7 and the forecast is for very light NNW breeze and sunny,PERFECT way to start a Sunday morning.My Son "the boy" His wife "The girl" and a kid I work with "The kid" and me makes up the Team, all seasoned coyote killers and ready to shoot. TO Bad the Boy and my self have what turned out to be the worst colds in our lives starting...But thats another story.We get to our first set Just before shooting light and get all out crap on and adjusted,loaded and set. Off we go about 50 yards in we kick out a dog,no shot so we went on up up over a hill and could see two more messing around a cattle feeding area. We tried calling for a half hour and the coyotes just drifted away no takers. Next set Full sun now and the breeze was going every direction, a callers nightmare. When we set up it was in our face and the sun was at our back great as we called it switched 180 and put our sent right to were we where trying to call to, crap,nothing.Next set We had to do a bit of huffing to get out past the line if sight of the truck but settled in this time the sun was in our face not as good BUT it worked. At ten minuets in to the call three very pissed off coyotes came charging over the horizon at a FULL head on charge. We decided that we would use all coyote sounds this trip knowing the dogs out here get called a lot. There was a woven wire sheep fence between them and us and we thought they would have to stop and find a way under the fence and that would be our kill spot. After many years of coyote hunting I have learned a coyote can and will surprise you,they did. The looked like a pack of gazelles as the cleared the fence and charged in. In a blink of an eye there in our laps the Boy had his 223/12 gauge and let go with a 3" charge of #F lead shot and put the first one down at 30 feet. The others split and kicked in the after burners We did end up killing the other two but it took very one shooting to there last bullet in there guns to do it. MAN what a rush.3 for the fur box. PS the camera by now was frozen so no pictures sorry.A long drag back and a half an hour skinning section and were off.Its noon now and the temps are claiming all most +7 ,Sweet. We ground out set after set .The girl got one with here 204 and we where seeing and hearing dogs at every set. The last set of the day it was almost dark and getting cold again. It was a Honey hole we have and we kept it for last. The only draw back there ALL smart dogs and the work the wind like prows. The sun fading a string of coyotes appeared ,started to swing WAY around the call in anticipation of this we strung out over a 1/4 of a mile. The end guy the kid was using our 243,AKA the "Lazar"only one dog came in for a shot he put the x on its chest and we had the fifth coyote.I did manage to get some pic of the last two. I hope I live through this cold to do some more hunting latter... :thumbsup:
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