Go Pro coyote video...work in progress

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Go Pro coyote video...work in progress

Postby Duplex lover » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:20 am

This video stuff is a LOT of work!!! More stuff to carry ,it starts to dictate where and how you set up and can take a lot of quality out of a guys hunt. Just so you lazy guys can get your fix... No I like messing with it. The boy and I ran out the other evening after work (ME) fishing (him). The wind was a little harder than we like and the 100* temps made us work for any coyotes. We hunted till we couldn't see for darkness and only had one set that worked. The bugs had a ball feeding on us as we are trying to sit still, and we had one very pissed off doe deer ( fawn in distress call)We found a BBIIGG coulee with the wind kind of in our face and also going cross ways down the coulee and the sun in our eyes. Not perfect but workable. After what felt like an hour we started to call. I barely had time to hit the record button on the pro and two coyotes started in on us from the upper end of the coulee. They split one was going to get around in back of us and wind me the other still in the bottom both coming FAST. I had to make a big adjustment when the female looked a way, I hoped she would still be in the camera, no time to look. I have the Pro mounted to my shooting sticks. It put me in an awkward position and I was having a hard time getting the scope on her. Finally got it and I took the shot, the tell tale sound of a soled hit and she spun in mid air took a few steps ,OUT of camera and fell! I hustled around to get a running shot at the male, no luck. Total time was an hour under five minuets calling. :yes:

Here is the vid
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Re: Go Pro coyote video...work in progress

Postby E5B » Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:46 pm

Tell ya what, video'ing a hunt, especially solo, is no joke. I've had my GoPro on two predator hunts ( total of 32 stands) , a turkey hunt and an elk hunt. Just can't seem to get the stars to align as far as getting a critter on camera. Seems like every I run out of disk space or the battery runs out I pull the trigger on an animal.

My hats off to ya. I fully realize the difficulties surrounding filming your own hunt.

What setting were you using?
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