Whats on your back, rain gear ???

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Whats on your back, rain gear ???

Postby Duplex lover » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:58 am

I Hate rain.
What do you guys use . I have water proof stuff but it's for -20*. Just is no good for warmer weather. I have Gore-Tex rain coat and pants but they just aren't right. The dampness still gets in and is very uncomfortable, and the MUD seams to get every were on them. I have vinyl top and bottoms, there blue , and you get just as wet on the in side as you would in the rain. My Kenetrek boot are my winter ones , there water proof but hot and heavy when wet. I spray the sole with silicon to help release the mud, only works for a short time. I would want something Kinda light in a prairie camo but still heave enough for use in the brush, and not feel like being rapped in a baggie. And as with any thing I have it needs to be affordable fixed income retired kind a thing... SOOOO. what do you use?
I talked with my boy, he is a wild fire fighter, and he said that his crew all carry "Frogg Toggs" in there packs. There very light and keep you dry inside and out. They tend to wear out in one season but $60 can get you top and bottoms. A recommendation like that tells me I'm getting a set of camo Frogg Toggs ! Got some pants in AP camo . I'd hate to see the monster that wears a large... I got Med and there 8" to long, good thing the wife is a fabulous seamstress. Anyway there very light but a bit "crunchy" sounding. Only $19 found a jacket too but there $45 I'll have to get it next week. NOW All I need is some time to try'm out. What's on your back ?
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Re: Whats on your back, rain gear ???

Postby Jimmy82 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:14 am

If it's not cold enough for gortex or heavier, I suffer in silence and get wet lol. I have an old canvas bdu pattern field jacket that i wear sometimes too. Though, if I'm wearing it, it's probably cool enough for gortex. I have a light gortex jacket that is great for around 50 to freezing with appropriate under layers. I had a pair of "waterproof pants" in a grass pattern that I used for wet early season pheasant hunts in NE. I'm guessing they were a light nylon. They'd get shredded in the woods of NY though. I wear cordura nylon chaps when chasing grouse and woodcock because I was starting to tear up my heavy duty redhead jeans. If my legs get wet, oh well, at least I'm not getting thorns in my legs. Had about a 3/4in thorn go into my lower leg winter before last while doing training in the woods. It went in like a needle straight into muscle, that wasn't pleasant. Army cold weather pants are not thorn proof.
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Re: Whats on your back, rain gear ???

Postby talltimber » Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:59 am

Frog togs won't stand for a lot of abuse. Very little actually. But I love the idea and weight.

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