Prairie dogs

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Prairie dogs

Postby Greg Wile » Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:55 pm

When I was around 7yrs old we moved back to NS from Comox BC we stopped at my fathers Uncles place out side of Saskatoon and while we were there Uncle Joe took me out to snare goffers. We used a snare made out of waxed string laid over the den exit and waited for the critter to poke his head up then we pulled the string and got a goffer. At that age it was a blast. Any of you prairie boys done that?
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Postby take EM' close » Mon Jul 18, 2005 5:52 pm

Out at our baseball field we had them damn pest diggin holes in the out field so we just took muskrat traps, conibears, and put them in the entrance of their holes and caught about 10 or so. Never even thought about that idea your talking about....I bet you had to be quiet and real still when you guys did it because they can feel any vibration in the ground and not come up. But it does sound like fun!

I mostly just go out with my .17 HMR and find them out alseep sunnin and shoot 'em!! :thumbsup:
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