Not much of trappin but..

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Not much of trappin but..

Postby BearBeatsAll » Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:31 am

Well yesterday my friend was down and stayin at his granparents and they had a armadillo tearin up their garden so they set out a trap and was hopin to catch it.That didnt happend.

So 2 nights ago they had the trap out and the next mornin me and my friend went out and looked at the trap pretty early and to our surprise there was a pretty good sized coon in there.We kind of got excited until his grandparents came out there and said we couldnt kill it :hammering: .They said we had to go release it out at their land :pissed: .

So i drove out there had the coon in the back of my truck still in the little cage trap.So we pulled out there got pretty close to the creek and we had some really thick gloves on and was movin the cage at the edge of my tailgate i had my shotgun by me incase sumthin happend(i sure wasnt thinkin anything wood).We had a baseball bat to try and keep it away from us incase it turned on us.Well as soon as we opened the cage door he flew out of the cage hit the ground then jumped back in the truck and went after my friend.(relize my truck has a 3" lift on it plus huge mud tires)Well luckly my friend grabbed the coon only after a couple of scratched was keepin it under control i grabbed my shotgun he looked at me and he threw it the best he could.I was practice for when coons start flyin.I made a good shot on it had to shoot it 2 times though i hit it in the air once and then another time as soon as he hit the ground.My friend is going in for testing for rabies.We are almost positive he doesnt it never bit him just gave him a scratch on his arm and wrist.I dont know how he got out without getting worse off.His grandparents wornt to worried about us killin it after they heard the story.

Sry it was so long.
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Postby take EM' close » Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:55 am

Damn...... :eek: I've caught coons in foothold and walked right up to them and beat them with a stick :mrgreen: and they never even tryed to turn on me. If they would've it could've gotten ugly!! LOL....but I have heard of some coons getting viscious...guess you figured that out yet I didn't think they would get THAT viscious.....anwyay thanks for the story and hope your friend is alright!! :thumbsup:
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Postby Greg Wile » Thu Jul 28, 2005 1:39 pm

I used to climb trees and shake coons out to run them again with the hounds, once in a while one would be stubborn and I'd grab it behind the shoulders and through it out of the tree, usally right at my hunting buddies feet :laughing: just to see him jump.
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Postby wa.duckhunter » Thu Aug 04, 2005 8:50 am

I've seen two different coons turn and fight. The first one was similar to the first story. We dumped him out of a roll cage and instead of him running like we anticipated he turned and attacked the closesest hound.

The second one ran right across the road in front of us when we were running our hounds down a dirt road getting them in shape for bear hunting. He must have figured he was toast because he just rolled over on his back with all fangs flared and and legs ready to grab the first thing it could. If I remember right we had six dogs and by the time it was said and done the coon lost but, we had a couple dogs that were wanting to ride home instead of finishing there run.
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