looking for trapper or preditor hunter in california

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looking for trapper or preditor hunter in california

Postby manley125 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:46 pm

i am getting my trapping license and could use some hands on help. also i want to go shoot some yotes with someone cuz ive never done it before
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Postby goose hunter » Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:19 pm

Sorry the reply is late, i've been busy hunting predators myself. I'm not sure where in california you are but I'm out of Las Vegas Nevada and I know an area (cali/nev border)where many predators live including but not limited to, (mountain lion, ring tailed cats,bobcat,coyote, gray fox, kit fox,badger, and who knows what else.) Like I said I don't know where you live in cali but if you live in the southern area and would like to meet up some time I'd be happy to take you out and show you how it's done for a few days. Just send me a message or write back here. Well good luck and have fun. P.S. if you do predator hunt by yourself, it's normal to not see or get anything at first and probably for a while. these animals are sharp and it takes alot of hunts to finally work out all of the bugs. Also if you have any questions just message me and I will do my best to answer them. :welcome:
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