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Postby JPgreenhead » Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:19 pm

I have been looking for a small caliber rifle for coyotes and was really lookin at a 22-250 but i was wondering how the 204 is. How does it handle at long ranges? Is it expencive to shoot? and Whats your opinion?
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Re: .204

Postby REDGUN » Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:42 pm

I don't own a .204, but I would rate it one small step above the .17 Remington. A great rig for closer range/calling , but not what i would want for long range coyote shooting.

With the 40 gr bullet, it would probably work. Just not what I would use if given the choice.
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Re: .204

Postby greenheadblaster » Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:35 pm

I've got a Savage 10 Predator and love it. No problem out to 300 yards. Great gun.
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Re: .204

Postby duhunter09 » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:43 pm

i have a 204 i shoot a hornady 40 grain with a bt tip and last night i shot a coyote at 200 yards these guns are really nice. the shells are 20 bucks a box.
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Re: .204

Postby side-slippin » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:12 am

hey greenheadblaster, is that savage of your in .204 or 22-250? what gr bullet
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Re: .204

Postby ohsay » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:31 am

Most guys using a .204 on coyotes use the 40 grain hornady v-max. It's a nice bullet, with a pretty high BC. Shoots flatter and has more energy at 300 yds than a 40 grain v-max out of a .220 swift even though it starts off about 300 fps slower. That's about the range I'd limit it to also, around300 yds. I think the .204 is a great gun for coyotes. I keep looking for the right one to kind of finish my collection of yote calibers.
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Re: .204

Postby flatbottom mudslinger » Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:17 am

The right one to finish your collection would be that remington R-15 (very opinionated statement) That is the next one I have on my wish list. Ive wanted it since I first saw it last year. On the other hand Ive wanted that Browning Maxus since I first saw it......mmmm, life is full of important choices. Oh well coyote season is now, duck season is October, I guess the maxus will wait. Anyway from what Ive read on the .204 ruger it was designed to be a varmint cartridge. Something that would outperform the "old standbys" such as the 22-250, .222, .223, .243 and .220 swift not to mention the newer short and super short magnums. It hasnt been around for very long, I cant remember for sure but Im thinking less than 10 years. Keep in mind while your reading this thinking that Im full of $*!+ that this is what Ive read about it. I have never actually shot one. From what I understand is the prairie dog snipers out west wanted something that would shoot flatter and be less effected by wind than what they were previously shooting (good luck with that one). So here it is...The .204 Ruger. Now for my opinion, I dont really believe that the .204 is some spectacular new round taking the varmint hunting by storm and making all previous rounds obsolete. Heck No! I do believe that it is a success on Rugers part and will perform every bit as good as the above mentioned cartridges. Like I said its the next one on my wish list, its got my vote, as soon as uncle sam hooks me up with the cash I over payed him last year Im going to get it. Not only do I like to hunt coyotes but I also love to shoot woodchucks. Right now Im using a .22 mag for both. Its the only rifle I have aside from muzzleloaders and .22 LR's. Last spring was the final straw. I get to the field, freshly planted corn, about 80 acres of new fluffy dirt, and there he was (woodchuck) about 200 yards from where I parked. I jump out, uncase my rifle, load it, lean across the hood of my truck, hold the cross hairs about 18" over his head, and squeeze. I saw dirt fly behind him. I rack another one in the tube, settle about 12" over his head, the second bullet hit just in front of him. He ran to the edge of his hole and stood up for one last look. POW! missed again and he went down the hole. "Thats it, Im getting a .204" I thought to myself. A .22 mag is an awesome rifle for chucks, yotes, coon, squirrels, opposums, skunks, whatever but only out to about 125 yards, less for smaller animals.
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