Tahoe or Truck

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Tahoe or Truck

Postby drakes_daddy » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:48 pm

I am really intersted in buying a tahoe but am kind of skepticle about using it for hunting. I am curious on how I would put a deer or muddy decoys in a vehicle like that withought ruining it. I know you can put a tarp down in the back but.....what are some ideas on using a tahoe for hunting and how well do people like them compared to a truck...I would like to see your pics of your vehicle if you want to show them thx
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Postby Sorensen » Wed Oct 26, 2005 2:12 pm

I currently use a tahoe for hunting but I am sick of getting mud all over from decoys and wader. I wish I still had my pick-up. But if you need something for the family the Tahoe is the way to go. Personally I would go with the pick-up, no family here.
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Postby drakes_daddy » Wed Oct 26, 2005 2:15 pm

No family here either just have always wanted one....think they look sharp with a lil lift and brushguard.....thx for .02 cents
I am an avid hunter, mostly waterfowl.
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Postby bgoldhunter » Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:19 pm

Well my wife won't let me use her Tahoe, but I have thrown stuff in the Grand Cherokee, and the musty smell lasts and lasts. Mud gets all over and it's a general pain. Get the truck...my .02
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Postby donell67 » Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:44 pm

definately sounds like a truck is the best bet.
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Postby gsphunter » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:11 pm

I had a blazer before my current pickup. Go with the pickup. No questions asked! It is a royal pain in the butt to try to keep the inside of an SUV clean when you're throwing wet decoys, waders, dogs, dead deer, birds for dog training, and other stuff inside your vehicle. I did this for three years, and that was plenty. I'll never be without a pickup again.
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Postby Smackaduck » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:29 pm

I have a truck but sometimes use my wifes expedition. Not allowed anything in it. I usually just put everything in the boat. But they make a rack that goes into the receiver and is about 2 foot wide by 5 feet long seems to be perfect for a bag of decoys and pair of waders.
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Postby shrpshtr » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:30 pm

did you ever decide on which vehicle to get? if not maybe this info will help. i own both a truck and tahoe. i use both for hunting in different applications. i use the tahoe when more than one friend is with me or we are going out of town for any length of time. the mud really isn't an issue because of all of the different liners they make for SUV's now. i have the husky liners (cableas) and they work great, even for a wet retriever. both my vehicles are chevy z71's and they came with the tow package so i put a hitch haul in the 2" receiver on the back of the tahoe if i need the extra cargo room for really nasty stuff or big game. the one i have holds up to 500lbs so weight isn't an issue. SUV's are great because you can keep all of your gear secure and dry/protected from the elements. trucks are a lot more convenient to get gear in and out of but if you make any stops or run into foul weather you could have some issues. each certainly has it's advantages and disadvantages. imo, go with both and pretend one is your wife or s/o, that's what i do. :thumbsup:
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Postby 98ramtough » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:03 am

Get an extended cab/crewcab truck with a canopy. Keeps your gear protected and you have room still..

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Postby Wild Wings 1 » Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:09 pm

Just bought a '06 Chevy Crew Cab 1500 Z71 and you get the best of both worlds! The interior rear seat is just as roomy as the Tahoe and you have the bed for all of your nasty stuff. I can fit my four wheeler in the back with the tailgate down with room to spare. It is the perfect size for hunting trips with you, couple of buddies and ALL of your junk..comfortably. I don't have to worry about wet, nasty dogs smelling up the interior like they do with the Tahoe I used to have.
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Postby Cephous » Wed Dec 28, 2005 3:02 pm

I would definately suggest the truck for hunting.
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