I need opinions

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I need opinions

Postby Montana Rancher » Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:28 pm

Ok i'm get'n a newer truck(now i have a 82 model j10 jeep pickup v6). I'm look'n at yrs from 04-06. I'm look'n at 4 models all 4x4 and they have to be ext cab or crew cab, i'm look'n at the silvy 1500, Tundra, f150, and ram 1500. If anyone owns one i'd like to know how it runs, the mpg's and anything else you'd like to chip in.

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Postby Bustintheirazz » Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:39 pm

I have a 05 F-150 Crewcab, King ranch. I was looking for a z71 when i bought mine, and they gave me a heck of a deal on this truck so thats why i got that nice of one. I have 60k miles on it, bought it with 18k miles. I have had zero problems with the truck, runs good, gets decent gas mileage. I get 13-14 in town(40mph and less), and i get about 16-19 depending on how fast i go, and if the wind is in my favor. Ive been in a lot of different situations, mud, freezing weather, all that, never let me down. Im sure the chevy would do the same. Not sure about the others. Also its nice to have such room, theres more room and so quiet in the ford compared to the chevy. IMO
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Postby Montanafowler » Fri Apr 18, 2008 6:02 pm

i have a 2004 dodge 1500 with the 5.7 liter hemi. the truck runs great, puts out 345 horses and 375 ft-lbs of torque and accelerates very quickly. it gets about 17.2 mpg on surface roads, on highway it gets about 18-20 mpg. good truck but the biggest complaint i have is that if something needs replacing, you may have to put out a lot of money. i say this because i had a powersteering leak at a 2 dollar bushing and you can't just replace the bushing, you had to buy a whole new power steering assembly from dodge for close to a thousand bucks, apparently dodge has become cheap over the years. i used some redneck ingenuity and fixed it with tubing clamps for 50 cents, no problems since.
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Postby HunterX » Fri Apr 18, 2008 6:14 pm

My dad has a 06' Silverado 1500 crew cab 4x4. It's got lots of room but I don't like how the seatbelt is part of the chair. It gets about 15-17mpg hwy mostly. Has put about 36,000 miles on it so far and has been flawless until recently when the check engine went off b/c the evap vent solenoid.

I personally like the tundra b/c of it's aggressive looks. :thumbsup:
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