Planning ahead :)

Mexico, Europe, South America, New Zealand, etc. Countries other than the US and CA.

Planning ahead :)

Postby cut_un » Mon May 24, 2010 10:24 am

Guys, planning on a dream waterfowl hunt (retirement spring 2012) It will be a family trip... with a lit hunting thrown in the mix. Maybe snick off for a 3 or 4 days of gunning. while there. My question is Argentina or Mexico???? Not looking to kill doves, Ducks and geese will be the flavor of the day. Been thinking Argentina but Mexico would be nice too. Just looking for the overall experience and to kill some stuff. I'm sure some of you have been to both spots...which gets your nod??
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Re: Planning ahead :)

Postby gwdecoys » Wed May 26, 2010 10:19 am

There~ whatever suits you is just fine with me---i am not nor will i ever be a commercial guide.

Just making comments based upoin eight years experience.
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Re: Planning ahead :)

Postby The Waterfowler » Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:30 pm

We've been booking hunters in Argentina for years and have some of the best Estancias to be found. All are personally scouted by us and we are full service door to door. Family trips can easily be arranged with small groups a speciality. Check out I will spend most of July down there escorting hunters and checking with several new and old outfitters. We are not middlemen as mentioned previously, but work directly for the outfitters and offer complete services.
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Re: Planning ahead :)

Postby ramsey » Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:47 pm

cut_un: from what you described, I'd say Mazatlan Mexico, in a heartbeat. Shoot beautifully-plumed ducks until lunch and then join the rest of the family for beach-side fun, para-sailing, deep sea fishing, and just about anything else you could imagine. And the cost of our inclusive Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunt is comparable to a Florida beach resort trip - or less.

Thanks to the moderators for removing commercial links from non-sponsors. To gwdecoys: the "middleman conspiracy" is a red herring that lacks merit and smacks of desperation. Our utter committment to hunter satisfaction and delivering of hunt-of-a-lifetime has brought the greatest hunts in the world to our doorsteps and in most instances we deliver hunts for far less than outfitters themselves. And make no mistake about it: the underlying costs of traveling blindly out of country to hunt ducks (airfare, hotels, opportunity costs from time away from work, licenses, etc.) greatly exceeds the benefit of the WRONG hunt.

We're a sponsor of this site. Nearly 8 years in business, the distinction between and others is obvious: we're a full-time, full-package travel agency with on-staff taxidermists and USDA-certified port-of-entry services. We are not a part-timer or state-sider looking to hustle a free trip away from home, or a small-time outfitter poaching free advertising on hunting sites. Big difference.

Our Pre-trip is the best in the industry. The information available for listed hunts, along with our Sporting Travel Resources, provides the information necessary to make best-informed decisions. Our sporting travel resources are invaluable for all hunters.

Our current hunting package listings:

Argentina Duck Hunting (by September '10 we'll have the most complete listing of Argentina wingshooting available anywhere), Argentina Dove Hunting, High-volume Argentina Pigeon Hunting, High-volume Uruguay wingshooting, Uruguay Duck Hunting, Uruguay Dove Hunting, Uruguay Pigeon Hunting, Uruguay Perdiz Hunting; Goose hunting in Canada duck hunting (FIVE Provinces): Alberta Canada Goose Hunting, Saskatchewan Canada Goose Hunting, Manitoba Canada Goose Hunting, Manitoba Canada Spring Snow Goose Hunting, Ontario Canada Goose Hunting, Greater Snow Goose Hunting in Canada (Quebec); Mexico Hunts: Mazatlan Mexico Duck Hunting, Laguna Madre Mexico Duck Hunting, Mexico Dove Hunting (White-winged Dove Hunting in Mexico), Mexico Quail Hunting; Alaska Sea Duck Hunts: Alaska sea duck hunting, Aleutian Island Alaska Sea Duck Hunting. More: Missouri duck hunting, Missouri Canada goose hunting, Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting, South Dakota Pheasant Hunting, Oklahoma Quail Hunting. Turkey Hunts: Ocellated Turkey Hunting, Gould's Turkey Hunting, Rio Grande Turkey Hunting in Oklahoma, Eastern Wild Turkey Hunting in Canada. Not yet listed online but in que are New Zealand hunting; eider hunting and brant hunting in Massachussettes, osceola turkey hunts, merriam turkey hunts, and much more. is not a dot-com "online hunting directory". The single qualifer to advertise in an online hunting directory, as in magazines: pay a fee. Where's the quality control?!

If you don't believe any outfitter on the face of earth is "the best" - ask them. Want to know the truth: ask us.

The qualifiers to become listed at are this: after we spend the time and money necessary to research an operation, and significant time and money necessary to visit an operation somewhere in the world, we personally compare it not to our personal duck club in BFE but to the finest and foremost guided duck hunting operations in the world - as well as the very worse - that we've also personally visited. We streamline travel logistics (which equates to time and money savings), refine the operations with personal and client feedback. With careful, first-hand observations, we build objective pre-trip information better than any other outfitter, guide or agent. Our committment is not to outfitter sales but to hunter satisfaction, 24-7 personal assistance and continual improvement through client follow up at absolutely no added cost equates to the single-best business model for sporting travel available.

We invite you to peruse our offerings and free resources. Please contact me toll free 1-866-438-3897 to discuss possible opportunities in greater detail.

Best regards,

Ramsey Russell
Your trip of a lifetime gets our full attention: Ramsey Russell 's is a full-time, full-service sporting travel agency specialized in trophy duck species and wingshooting experiences. We are paid sponsors of
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