Freelance hunting?

Mexico, Europe, South America, New Zealand, etc. Countries other than the US and CA.

Freelance hunting?

Postby duckbuster11 » Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:03 pm

Hey guys I was hoping to get some recommendations on countries that offer good hunting and allow foreigners to hunt without an outfitter? Hopefully one that has a decent amount of public land or easy access to private land. Duck/goose hunting would be the number one priority with dove a close second and any big game hunting would just be an added bonus. Does anywhere like this even exist? I've tried to do some research on some of the more popular destinations but haven't been able to find much information about this topic.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Freelance hunting?

Postby The Waterfowler » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:51 am

Having hunted a dozen foreign countrys I can tell you that freelancing, other than in Canada, is practically non-existant. There is still a lot of free-lance hunting to be had in Canada, but figure the logistic problems of decoys, sufficient ammo, fuel, bird cleaning and storage, accomodations and you've just about spent enough time and trouble to have paid for a decent hunt there. Plus you burn a lot of gas on scouting. A lot of outfitters already have permission on private land and you need to talk to the land-owners before hunting to secure that. Most are friendly and accomodating enough to allow it, but ask first. Southern Hemisphere countries are practically imposible. Mexico doesn't allow hunting w/o an outfitter and getting gun permits are through them. Argentina would be a nightmare as it's so vast and getting a place to hunt and stay that isn't tied up by an outfitter would be tough IMO. Plus you can't buy ammo at a WalMart there and legally are only allowed to fly with 11 pounds of ammo, about 3 or 4 boxes. I would think that what you saved going to a foriegn country other than Canada to free-lance would be quickly cancelled by the problems you would encounter and gun laws are much stricter in many foreigh countries. New Zealand is another example. A long way to go on a hope and prayer of finding a place to hunt. Canada would be you best and safest bet as a lot of Americans go there and have for years. I'm sure there are a lot of hunters that could give you advice on free-lancing Canada, but with limited time i prefer hunting with outfitters that have done all the leg-work and have all the equipment. JMO.
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Re: Freelance hunting?

Postby sloe » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:37 am

You can freelance hunt Victoria Aust.only problem would be equipment and you would have to pass the duck I.D.test to get a game lic.Visitors firearm lic. are available and available.There is plenty of public wetlands to hunt 8 species of ducks on and any amount of public land to hunt deer on.Sorry no geese no other big game plenty of rabbits, wild dogs ,foxes odd goat or pig.Thats in Victoria it differs from state to state.70% of my duck hunting is on public land.A bit of local knowledge will go a long way you will be amazed at what a carton of beer will do.
Good hunting Sloe
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Re: Freelance hunting?

Postby lats » Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:24 am

Hi duckbuster11 I'm copying this from my other post in the international peru thing...

The guy that listed the ducks is true we have all of those ducks and many more like the bahama pintail, blue and green wing teal, silver teal, Muscovy and others…. We also have two different types of Andean goose one is larger and has orange feet and bill and the other has dark feet and bill and is smaller they both have white body’s with black on the wings.
The guy that posted its dangerous to travel to Peru has obviously never been there because that’s just not true. Americans are always welcomed and have no trouble traveling to the interior of the country.

There are several hunting outfitters in Peru some you can find on the web and others you can’t. Most of the American owned outfitters will be more prepared and will accommodate you better and these are the ones you can find on the world wide web… the Peruvian outfitters will be less equipped and a bite ruff on the edges but will also produce the animals but you won’t find them on the web you would have to go down there and ask around or call…

To legally hunt in Peru you need a hunting license and a gun permit. The way this works is:
First you contact the outfitter he will ask for a copy of your passport a picture (mug shot) and the cost of the license is about $40 US dollars. If you want to take you own shotgun you will need some more time this process will be about 2 or 3 weeks long. You declare the gun in the Peruvian airport customs then go to the DISCAMEC and that’s where you will get the Temporary Gun Import License. The cost is about $100 US dollars… I would recommend rent a gun because this process is too long and tedious
Don’t let the outfitter tell you that you don’t need a license because this is not true and you might get in trouble if you get caught!!

There are also several other species you can hunt like 6 or more different types of doves, the Perdiz (tinamou) this is a bird like a Hungarian partridge, the Viscacha this is a rodent like a chinchilla but bigger. There are deer the Andean white tail deer this is the smallest of all white tail deer. BE CARFUL not to confuse with the Taruca this is also a deer but its protected and endangered some outfitters especially the Peruvian ones will try to sell you a hunt DON’T do it its illegal. You should Google the names to see the difference in the animal its very simple look at the antlers!! There are also rams like the Inca four horn this is different from the American four horn or the Jacobs four horn…

I will also advise you to look at the Peruvian hunting calendar and go by what is says there to avoid problems. I will post this info also If you cant download it just ask your guid to give you a copy..

The Peruvian hunter’s forum this is where you can find the hunting calendar also: (Anuario de Caza 2010)

The Peruvian hunters association you can read about Jim Schokey going to Peru in search of the Andean white tail…and you can find out about hunting license

Hunting outfitters: ... unting.php

Hope this is of some use to you,


I also forgot to mention that you can hunt in Peru without the outfitter.. you still have to get the license and gun permit. The best way is to meet some one that knows the hot spots that way you dont have to pay the 600 plus dolars a day for the outfitter hahahah
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