Bringing back birds from Mexico

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Bringing back birds from Mexico

Postby pbd » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:02 am

Anyone have any information on the ability to bring back game from Mexico this year?

I heard a rumor that due to Avian flu that only cooked birds can be imported into the US.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Bringing back birds from Mexico

Postby The Waterfowler » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:52 pm

Birds can be brought back with an I/E permit and sent directly to a USDA approved facility. they will be watching this closely. Several of us taxidermists have been collecting data and are in close contact with the USDA concerning detoxing procedures. i have a stack of e-mails several inches thick. We were told that each group will have to have an I/E permit and all the birds can be brought through on one permit but have to be brought in as a group as the USF&W will not allow someone to import birds for someone else. The I/E permit, VS form 16-3 can be applied for from the USDA, but they have to go to an approved establishment and will be watched closely and we have been told to expect inspections as well. APHIS placed the restrictions due to an outbreak of HPAI in poultry down there in one stat that we were told. Notice that no meat can be brought back for human consumption either unless it is cooked. You can p.m. me with any other questions if you like.

This is the final document we received from the USDA.

"Bird and poultry products and by-products must be accompanied by an import permit.
The import permit will specify HPAI mitigation measures.
o The permit application, Form VS 16-3, can be found at
o On the application, the hunter should be listed as the importer. Then, add that the
application is “c/o” a contact person at the approved establishment, and give the
approved establishment’s name and address. The hunter should sign the application.
 Unprocessed bird trophies may be consigned to approved establishments for processing
(mounting) if accompanied by an import permit.
 Unprocessed hunter-harvested game bird meat for human consumption is prohibited.
 Processed hunter-harvested game bird meat for human consumption and totals more
than 50 lbs. may be imported if it has been cooked throughout to reach an internal
temperature of 74 degrees C (165 degrees F). No certification of cooking temperature
is needed if the meat is for personal consumption and totals less than 50 lbs."
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