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Postby redhead11990 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:53 pm

woodduck14 wrote:i know this thread is kinda old but i just came apon it. im also a huge sharks fan. im goin to watch them vs the bruins on feb 10th. im from mass so its the only time ill get to see them come around here. unless in the playoffs of course.

Go Sharks!

glad to see a sharks fan from out of State!!! Sharks tonight vs. calgary
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Re: Hockey

Postby A-Bomb » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:52 am

Red Head,
Whats it like out there in San Jose right now? Obviously very disappointing. It seems they just got away from their game in the playoffs again...I couldnt believe Thorton and Getzlaf tee'd it up at the opening faceoff. Thats extremely uncharacteristic of Thorton. I think they started that game off on the wrong foot right from the get go, despite scoring on an early PP. It just seems that the star players didnt take the reins and the roll guys didnt pick up that slack. And to compound that, Nabby wasnt himself either. Im a BIG Red Wings fan, but I fully expected the Sharks to make the Conference finals after a few tough playoff runs now. I just thought their experience would finally serve them well...I wonder what changes will come with this seasons loss to the Ducks?
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