Glove recommendations

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Glove recommendations

Postby Quackity Gal » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:55 pm

Hi all,

Now that season is winding down in Cali, and I'm definitely hooked on hunting, my thoughts are shifting to gearing up for next season (already?!).

I love my jacket, like my waders, and definitely need something for my hands. My little black cotton mittens just don't do the trick. I've been looking around some of the local outdoor stores and sporting goods shops, but can't find ANYTHING in my size.

I'm looking for something on the thinner side (gianormous snow gloves are overkill for my weather ....mid-40s) and are waterproof. Most places are lucky to carry mediums, with the majority of stock in large and up. The large leaves about half an inch or more at the tips. I've even tried searching for youth sized gloves (gave up on "women's"). No luck.

Are there any brands/styles that others here are using that they could recommend? Sticking my hands in my pockets works, but I would like something for when I'm walking out to the blind and carrying stuff.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Glove recommendations

Postby blucollark9s » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:55 am

Hi, you may want to look into these :
I have a pair sized medium, and they fit nicely!
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Re: Glove recommendations

Postby Naturegirl » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:38 pm

Honestly I just tried them on at every store I went to until I found some that fit. My super thin pair are mens medium or small (can't remember and don't want to go dig them out) and my thicker cold weather ones are womens medium. Right before my elk hunt in November Sportmans Warehouse had a good selection of all gloves, including womens.

My thicker ones are waterproof and windproof so I use them for ducks and other hunting. I rode my quad with them with snow and they kept my hands warm. Here's what the tag says.

Thinsulate insulation 70 gram
Womens size M

The trigger finger is leather and yes they do have about an extra 1/4 inch on the tip. It's not a problem at all with the shotgun but it did cause me to miss an elk with my rifle (I don't even want to talk about that subject). These are the best fitting ones I could find anywhere.
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Re: Glove recommendations

Postby ohsay » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:53 pm

My girl wears the same gloves I do, just in a different size. Ironclads. They have a lot of different styles and they all have great dexterity. I don't know how people shoot with bulky gloves. She wears thin workforce style ones early in the season, and their summit or waterproof ones when it's cold, depending on if we're over open water or not. Her hands are fairly standard for a girl her size (5' 6"), and the mediums seem to fit her well. They're available at home improvement places like Menards and they always seem to have her size in stock. They even sell the thin ones in pink, so they match her gun. :rolleyes: lol
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