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Postby LaRedneck » Fri Mar 03, 2006 6:34 am

Hi ladies, as some of your probably have seen we have a topic on the honey hole about hunting with your significant other, my question to ya'll is how to go about introducing my wife or other wifes, girl friends, etc to hunting. Should we sugar coat it for the first time? Should we have you hunt out of a cozey blind or should we just take ya'll with and see what its really like. What is something that i could do to get her fired up for hunting and wanting to get up way before the crack of dawn and set up. She's a real girly girl but like the outdoors, i just want her to come with me more often to experience the thing i get to. Thanks in advance.


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Postby playaxplorer » Fri Mar 03, 2006 10:44 am

sorry i'm not a woman, but i saw this when i was checking for responses to a post i made yesterday. Its not that easy. I recommend taking her on a hunt like dove or upland. Doesn't require crack of dawn outing, relatively warm, abundance of action and do it with mutual friends. i like dove becasue its about as social of a hunting experience as you can have.

most importantly, take her out and do lots of gun safety and shooting and make it fun for her.

this all worked for me.
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Postby 12guagegirl » Thu Mar 09, 2006 12:10 am

I am a girl...and I must agree. My first hunt was a dove hunt, and I LOVED it! Just getting out there, and learning gun safety is crucial! Graduate to duck and goose hunts....but whatever you do, DON"T sugar coat it!!! She'll either fall in love with it, or she won't. If you sugar coat it, then she'll have a false sense of what it's all about. My first time duck hunting involved 30 minutes of tretching through 18 inches of water in my waders with a backpack on and a 30 pound puppy in my arms, and I had a blast. Like I said, she'll love it, or she won't. :salude:
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Postby the.hines » Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:06 pm

Well I think I messed up with my wife's first time. It was a good day but when we had the first set of teal roll into the decoys I set her and got her ready to shoot she fired once I shot four teal (I had the Pump that day)
Anyway when the dog brought them back I made the mistake of breaking the neck of the one that ws still alive, I broke it, but I also threw the body of the duck about ten feet and had the head in my hands... After that she didnt really enjoy it too much...

Just watch how you do things.
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Postby benellibabe » Fri Jul 21, 2006 9:09 pm

To agree with the other ladies, she's either gonna love it or hate it. My daddy brought me up right, and ive been huntin (of course, just as a guest, not actually shooting) since before i can remember, and got into the actual hunting when i was 10/11 i think. Now, duck huntin is my LIFE. And currently, im strugglin with the off-season, but shootin clays and trainin my pup passes the time. Before you get her into actually huntin, u might wanna take her to a range, maybe just watch the first time, shoot some clays, show her the proper gun safety, then gradually take her to shootin. If she doesnt like shootin, take her out one mornin, not TOO early so she doesnt have to get up early and start off sleepy/uncomfortable, and just go sit in the blind, dont even take ur shotgun, watch the sun come up, set out some decoys so you'll get some ducks in. Its just one of those things, you either appriciate the beauty of it all, or not.

Its just one of those things you gotta deal with

You cant force her...if shes not into it, but likes the outdoors, then go campin, fishin, other stuff shes into

good luck

and to Dek - that may not have been a good start haha, but she should understand you gotta put him out of his misery. I remember the first time i saw it though, and sometimes it still isnt easy. Just a few seasons ago(it wasnt the first time, but one of the worst), i was huntin with my dad and brother, and my dad crippled a green-winged teal, and it was too far of a swim for our lab, so i walked her out to the point, she went and got it, and brought it back, still well alive, but obvious head injuries, and i just couldnt do it (somehow, if we're huntin out of the boat, i can shoot it in the water after its down, but nothin hands on) sooo i carried it for the 5-minute walk back to our blind, handin it to my dad, and he wringed it.....and after all that....its body was still a-kickin. I figure if i can get past that.....i should be ok, and a headless duck serves well as a pup-trainin dummy.
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