Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

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Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby gander_lander34 » Mon May 21, 2012 3:16 pm

Ok ladies, here is a serious question for all of you. My daughter will be turning 3 this year. She is already turning into a duck-a-holic like her daddy. When I ask her what movie she wants to watch, it's not Snow White or Cinderella, it's "duckies". She loves being around the birds, decoys, dogs, and guns. She told my mom (grandma) last year, "I go hunt duckies with daddy when I get big". Needless to say she will be going out this year with me. I bought her her own youth blind and her own insulated camo clothing. That being said, what are some of the ways you remember as a kid, that your dad kept you interested in the outdoors and you wanting to go out with him, even when the thought of boys, shopping, and the like all came into the mix? I know she won't be "daddy's little girl" forever, but I want to try and keep her that way as long as I can. Any thoughts or tips? Thanks in advance from a grateful dad.
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby Bib3773 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:51 pm

Kinda in the same boat, only mine is 1. She has cut the majority of her teeth on a call of some sort.

My logic is to keep it fun, try to keep it interesting and not make it into more than it is.
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby LaRedneck » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:00 pm

Don't have a daughter but do have cousins that hunt and basically is just be consistant and yet let them be girls. Don't pressure them or you'll just push them farther away. They will need there girly time just as much as they will need there daddy time. And just so happens when you build that bond the blind is where you'll spend that daddy time. Enjoy because they grow up fast. :beer:


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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby lbrope » Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:51 pm

She will be a daddy's girl forever. Promise!
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby Ztkirkpatric » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:51 pm

I would suggest hot hand on her toes and the ones that run along the sole of the boot... Keep those feet warm and she will be 10x happier...
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby AfryOnTheRiver » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:40 am

I remember when I was younger ages 6-10, I'd always wake up at 5am with my uncle and follow him around as he got ready to go out on the hunt, secretly hoping he'd take me with. I started a collection of camo and practiced my calling until one day when I was 16, my uncle said, "Be up at 2 am. We're hunting."

My first hunting experience was spent on the river, in 20-degree weather, wearing leaky waders. I couldn't feel my feet or my hands, and I think I might have had an out of body experience at some point because my body was so numb. But I'll tell ya, the moment ducks came in, none of that mattered. I still duck hunt with my uncle.

I say all of this because that's my experience growing up as a girl duck hunter. I had the inherent love of the game, but it was because my uncle took the time to hunt with me and teach me the ropes that it has endured. Here are my suggestions:

- Keep the kid warm. Lots of layers, hand warmers, feet warmers, hugs, etc. Not that freezing her hind off will turn her away forever, but for most, a cold hunt is a bad hunt.

- Stay positive, but be honest. If Daddy/Uncle/ or Aunt/Mom is sporting a frown, it can be infectious. In the same vein, if it's been dead all day, don't build her up to think there will be waves of ducks within the next hour. If the day is slow, make it fun - have a duck calling competition, throw cattails at each other, or just pack it in and go have a hot breakfast at the nearest Denny's. Or do all three. Hunting is equal parts bonding and actually killing something. You want the association to hunting to positive. Children, boys and girls alike, tend to stay with things that have a positive connotation attached to it.

- Make sure the gun fits. this is for when she gets a bit older, but it's important. When I started out I was using my uncle's (a 6'2 tall) autoloader. It was huge and hard to carry and even though I was just starting out, I blame missing shots on having a hard-to-hold gun. I now like to go with an over-under just because it makes me feel classy and I like how it shoots. Anyway, guns are made in both "men's" and "youth" sizes respectively, so start there when the time comes.

- Make sure she knows how to shoot it. Some kids think of a huge bruise on their bicep to be like a battle scar and therefore awesome (I was one of them.) But the success-to-bruise ratio is much better when the child is taught the proper way to hold and fire the firearm.

That's about it. But my biggest piece of advice is to keep it FUN. Duck hunting has always been fun by definition in my opinion, but that's just me. Anyway, I hope this helps - I definitely think we need more gals in the field, so I commend you on your desire to keep your little one interested.
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby FOWLGAL » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:41 pm

I grew up watching all my dad's side of the family and brother & sister hunting I was too young to go but when they would come home I was right there watching them clean all the birds/bunnies, I still have the rabbit foot & tail my grandfather gave me & it's been more that 30 years. I really didn't get to hunt until I met my husband and that feeling came right back and now I can't get enough.

I have a daughter that will be 20 this year and she hunts & loves to go shooting with us and yes she is still Daddy's Girl. One of the biggest turn off's that she told us about was pheasant hunting, we walked forever with only a couple of shots and to this day she doesn't want to go pheasant hunting. We also involved her when we were training our dogs & she loves that and still does, She loves to duck hunt, but she has told us that she hate's being cold and get's bored when there is nothing happening & doesn't like to sit out in the marsh forever waiting (doesn't have patience)

So my advise to you is to keep it fun, short, & make sure she stays warm.

Once its in your blood I don't think you'll ever loose the desire to hunt unless you have a couple of bad experience to start. As far a pheasant hunting for my daughter, there are no pheasant where I live they are stocked and there is always so many people that go it's not worth it so even I dont go, unless we go to this place that 4 hours away then we all go including her.

Good Luck
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby Luluwashburn » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:06 pm

1. Keep her dry and warm
2. Make it fun, let her help when she can
3. Constructive criticism, help her get better don't get frustrated with her when she isn't doing something just the way you want
4. Remember she doesn't know anything about it. As long as you stay interested in her she will stay interested in the sport of hunting.

Good luck! Some of my best memories growing up with my dad involve the outdoors. It's the best thing that happened to me. At 25 years old I now hunt mostly with my husband and we go on at least one hunt a year with my dad.
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Re: Question for the ladies...How to keep my baby interested

Postby clotile2000 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:41 pm

hi, this is my first time on this web on this site, you might try getting a portable dvd player and get her the duckie movies that she like. hope that is helpful. we have a 3 yr old grand daughter and she loves the duck commander dvd and her paw paw's and mom's duck call. every time she is down she wants to go hunting with us, so we are going to try it for the first time this year.

good luck
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