Reactions in the field

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Reactions in the field

Postby girls_hunt_too! » Sat Oct 07, 2006 11:06 pm

Have any of you ever had 'amazed' reactions from males when out hunting? This happened to me last week duck hunting. I nailed a duck and when he came down I got up to retrieve him. Hubby, his buddies and I were on public ground and some guys were across the lake from us. One of them blurted out, "Hey, they got one over there.... dude its a CHICK!!". I just cringed... I hate that some guys think women are inferior hunters. :pissed: (I outshot 3 of the 4 guys in our hunting party that day!!) Any one else have similar experiences??
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Postby Admin2 » Sun Nov 19, 2006 9:14 am

I'm not sure if the guys think that the gals are inferior, more like stunned that a gal is actually participating if they have not seen it before. Heck, we all know that men do not always think before they blurt something out. :oops: So do not take it personally. Hunting is IMHO the last glass ceiling that is being broken by women. And good for them :thumbsup: The #1 segment in growth in the shooting/hunting sports is the participation in it by women. I rarely saw a woman 30 years ago hunting, but now it is more common to see gals participating. And I think as time goes on, more and more women will be participating. Look at the BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) classes which are always filled up solid, meaning more women wanting to learn than class openings. It is a sure sign of future participation by the ladies in shooting and hunting sports. And I personally think it is great that more and more gals are getting to enjoy what us men have known for a long time, being outdoors hunting is great sport and a way to connect with nature too. :thumbsup:

Keep the faith and do not let a few ignorant men stop you, as most men would indeed welcome a woman to hunt with them.

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Postby happyshooter » Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:23 am

I get that reaction all the time from my boyfriends friends. At first it is a "woe , a little girl like that shoots/ hunts" and then it turns into a "wow how did you get so lucky?" thing directed to my boyfriend. I don't think it is a disrespectful thing, just kind of a shock. You have to admit, when out hunting or even clay shooting, women are few and far between. Actually I kind of like the shocked reaction especially when I end up having a good day shooting. Kind makes me feel empowered. lol
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Postby huntingmama » Tue Jan 23, 2007 1:33 pm

i get kinda the same thing.
most men that i have run into say wow way to go or you go girl like their little girls or something i just laugh .
most men are amased when a woman goes out hunting.
i have had lots of men ask if i have any single friends like me.
unfortunatly i only know 1 other huntress and she is married too
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Postby crewchief252 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:49 pm

I don't think most guy's mind, it's just we don't see it very often, i have been hunting for, well, a long time, and have only seen women out there a few times. I do think it's great when they do, come see what we have been enjoying all these years, the weather, the wildlife , the solitude, there is nothing better for the soul than watching a sunrise over the bay, and it's not about the killing, there is so much more to it. I have an 18 yr old daughter who i have tried to get to try it, but it's just not her thing, but many a morning would have been so much more enjoyable out there if she was there with me, luckily my 12 yr old son is very in to it, but to have them both out with me would have been very cool. So come on out ladies, It;s the best stress drug on the market.
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Postby MissedAgain » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:49 pm

My ex used to hunt and fish with me all the time, until we got married and then she found a boyfriend! :huh:

My current wife fishes with me on occaission and all the other boaters have to swing by... I hate that. She also has hunted but wouldn't shoot because of a twig in the way and the critters split Dodge, I instinctively shot one as they bolted - I felt so bad. Next time I can't have a gun!

I think it is great for women to hunt, fish, or whatever. I'd rather listen to a women tell a hunting story than a guy - chances are it is true!

Besides, I have yet to run into a smelly woman with really bad breath who wanted to get in my face and tell me a lie. :rofl:
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Postby DaveO » Thu Mar 08, 2007 7:51 pm

I shoot trap alot,,and shoot ATA almost every weekend.There is allot of gals shooting Infact I got my wife into it.

One of the things I like best about Trap shooting or any other shooting sport Guys and Gals are equal.

I am not trying to brang but I am a pretty decent shot and I am not so easy to beet on the trap range.. But I can name tons of gals that kick my but more times than not.

I like shooting with gals,,Infact on my State Shoot team I am the only guy on it And I can shoot on almost any team I want to.

I Allways get crap for it,,,,but its all good
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Postby MrsJumpshooter » Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:20 pm

I to have had some of the same reaction for the guys personaly i take it as a compliment that they have noticed that it is a female and that they are impressed because then hopefull it is one more guy that will offer his girlfriend to go along with them wich gets evan more of us women out there in the field..
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Postby dog » Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:04 pm

I get that kinda stuff too. They think we can't do anything! :mad:
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Postby huntnducks707 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 8:01 pm

my best friend and i used to hunt everything together from ducks to out of state mule deer and archery elk hunts. we very seldom if ever hunt together anymore ( maybe a turkey hunt every 5 years or so)because he has a new hunting partner. that would normally piss me off but his new hunting partner is his wife. they hunt everywhere and everything. they went to africa on a big hunt for their honeymoon. they got flown in and dropt for a caribou hunt in alaska last year. i look up to them both more than ever and and greatfully accept and respect any female thant wants to hunt anything. the best part of this story is i introduced my friend and his wife to each other, they got married and have two great kids together. every time i see them they always thank me for that. its been 12 years and thanking
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Postby Natimage » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:49 am

Ya know, man, woman, or child that gets interested in the outdoors, is just one more voice that will help protect it. Last season I took my girlfriend out a few times duck and goose hunting and she LOVED it! She's 18, I'm 20 and when I brought her home after the hunt (while she was still wearing her camo shirt and her face was still painted up) her mom even said something to the effect of, "I didn't know i had another son" proving even some women don't understand why a girl wants to hunt. Well, I ended up getting her some nice waders and her first day of hunters safety is today. She's nervous about taking flak from guys in the class, but we'll see how that goes. So even women can be "sexist" when it comes to hunting
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Postby cannon » Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:44 pm

My wife hunts waterfowl with me regularly. In my experience, the "Whoa, its a chick" response is a compliment, not a disparaging comment. Men rarely see women in the woods -- and face it -- women in general have done a great deal to solidify the stereotype (eeew, I'm not touching that, its yucky!). Particularly, when young men see a girl double on a pair of green wings, there is a sense of awe that goes with it, because it is likely something they've never witnessed.

In the same way that a young man would say "hey, check it out: that three-legged dog just dragged that little girl from a burning building!", they almost always react with shock and awe when they see a woman who handles a scattergun well. Its just not something you see everyday. They are surprised (pleasantly, I might add), not because they would assume a woman to be incapable, but because their experience shown most women to be unwilling. Don't kid yourself, those guys are your cheerleaders!
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Postby Nurseincamo » Thu May 29, 2008 3:37 am

I find mostly that it is not guys who are shocked that we hunt but other women. I work as a Nurse, and the other women i work with can't understand why I hunt. I am frequently called hillbilly or receive snide remarks about just owning a gun. And the sad thing is I not only get it about hunting, but about the fact that i eat what i kill. They also think i am weird country folk, because I can allot of my food and live on a farm. They don't understand that i would rather be in a tree stand on a beutifull fall day, then in the mall shopping.
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Postby MicCog » Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:27 am

I'm used to it by now. Grew up hunting, fishing, etc. It doesn't really bug me now.once my husband harped on me to shoot with the guys, and I shot a better pattern with a .45 then the lot of them. He hasn't asked me to shoot with the guys again.... :rofl:

I get more greif from other women, they don't understand how I can Kill something and then eat it. Well, I am a carnavor.....besides it's not like cows and chickens run out and kill themselves so we could eat them....(grocery store, I mean)
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Postby NicoleL » Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:10 am


I think the best reaction out in the field is when the guys see me coming out with more ducks then them. But what I really LOVE is getting a bigger buck!
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Postby steelslinger » Sat Jul 12, 2008 8:57 pm

I would never hunt with a women, simply for the fact that I would not want to be outshot. :rofl: Just kidding. I have been hunting and fishing now for about 30 years and have never seen another women in the woods except my mother who had to learn to hunt to help put food on her families table growing up. I know they are out there because I hear about it but have honestly never seen it. I think it is great that a lady will go out and enjoy it. Can't wait for that day to see one take a double on greenheads or fall that huge buck.
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Postby one ducky lady » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:15 pm

OH the best is definitely when you're babysitting the boat while the hubby parks the truck and men realize it's a woman under those 4,000 layers in clothes.

Second best is when the hubby is on the phone talking to one of his buddies and says he's hunting, the friends as "with who" and he says the wifey... the friends are always shocked

I definitely love when men are surprised to see a woman headed to the blind because you know deep down he's thinking "well damn that guy found a keeper... wish mine would do this crap!"
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Postby Redheaded Girl » Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:03 pm

well you have ur men that dont see many women hunting and a few that are excuse the term jack...a$$es u get the point im sure but nothing and i mean NOTHING beats the look of shock on a mans face when not only do you outshoot him BUT also sit right there and clean the thing (which some expect you not to know how to do) in my relationship its role reversal, i hunt my bf doesn't which is fine he's openminded and doesnt complain so my father and i still hunt (ive been hunting for 16 years or so) we bring home the food and clean it and cook it up..but as was stated in an above generally dont think before they speak and most women arent out to have a contest of whom can get the bigger better animal. they go to relax and have fun, in my case i dont care if i shoot a bird (although its nice) i generally kick back relax and have fun. so as stated above if a man opens his mouth and says something like "dude its a chick" dont take it personally. his brains in neutral and his mouth in over drive :lol:
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Postby Outdoor Gal » Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:57 am

Last year during early goose season our group ended up going to Big Boy for breakfast/lunch. There was another group of goose hunters there with a girl wearing a pink Mossy Oak hat. We chatted for a couple minutes and that was that. A week later, our group goes to the same Big Boy about the same time. And suddenly the manager comes to our table accusing us of skipping our check the week before. The manager was like, "YOU ARE THE SAME GROUP. THEY HAD A GIRL WEARING A PINK HAT!" I had gotten a pink Remington hat the night before and happened to be wearing it. You know, gotta cover up scary hair somehow. ;)
Anyway, we were trying to reason with the manager when thankfully our waitress from the week before came up and stood up for us. It was pretty funny, but we were kind of miffed that the manager didn't even apologize or comp us some free food.
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Postby okiequacker » Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:22 pm

Just wanted to comment on this topic.
My wife hunts and fishes with me all the time. She got her first deer 3 years ago and loves to dove and duck hunt. All my friends don't mind her going at all and most of our hunts are with our friends that are also couples that hunt. She is a great shot and got her first "triple" duck hunting 3 years ago. We go to the DU banquet each year and she is even on the banquet committee this year! I am going to have her sign up on here and she would really enjoy this forum. I think she even has lots of questions to ask you girls.
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Postby Outdoor Gal » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:38 am

I would LOVE to hunt with another couple, that sounds like fun.

You'll have to keep trying to get your wife in here. She'd be a great addition!
2009 Season Totals
2 - Baby boys

"Any woman who does not thoroughly enjoy tramping across the country on a clear, frosty morning with a good gun and a pair of dogs does not know how to enjoy life." ~ Annie Oakley
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