Intro -Suzie G -Field Golden Lover From Northern Mn.

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Intro -Suzie G -Field Golden Lover From Northern Mn.

Postby Suzie G. » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:06 am

Hi, Suzie G. here

I am new to Duck Hunting .com .I started out in the Honey Hole :) with this note :

Wanted Older Freezer /Burned Meat (Duluth,Mn./Superior ,WI.area )

I am looking for meat that people are considering throwing away to
make room for fresher ,store bought or game meat . (cleaning out
their freezers /refrigs -older /freezer burned ) Not to mention any
game meat your family just didn't like the taste of :)

I am feeding 2 Golden Retrievers and a Newfoundland dog.My senior ,
rescued , Golden is extremely allergic to ALL grains. We are looking
for any meat except those with injected solutions (ex. some poultry
with added flavor inhansers or salt solutions ),no added spices (ex.
sausage ,hot dogs , balogna ), no smoked meat (ex. sausage , ham ,
bacon )

It does not need to be human grade meat and it does not matter how
old it is . My dogs especially like older game meat .(venison,
elk,bear,buffalo,moose,rabbit ,squirrel
beaver,duck,grouse,goose,quail,wild turkey,pheasant,any game
birds,any fish -whole /filet/heads ,any game heads -venison
heads/with or without antlers,duck heads etc. any game or store
bought organ meats -
ex.liver ,heart,kidney,lungs,esophagus,spleen,pancreas,tongue,cheek
meat,brains, ears, snouts,sweetbreads,lips,oxtails.I would like to
discuss with hunters the possibility of obtaining any "innards " not
stomach or intestines that they normally leave in the field.-ex.
venison heart,lungs,liver etc. Any culls from breeders of

Yes to beef -whole,ground,or parts,turkey (no solution
injections) ,lamb,goat,pork,any store bought or caught fish-except
smoked. yes to veal.You get the picture-They will eat almost
anything !

Please let us help you with your freezer/refrig cleaning needs.
Please pass this request on to family/friends/neighbors/and
especially hunters (in town or elsewhere )We will give them our phone
number/e-mail address for future reference. (hang it on your
freezer :) We will arrange for a pickup location.

Thankyou !!

Jim and Suzie G. and especially our allergic Golden -Delilah (Don't
forget us- Gus- Newf and our Golden puppy-Maggie )

I only re-posted this to tell you a bit about what type of hunting I do so far - and what kind of "kill" I bring home :)

I will be 55 in July. I grew up in a family that raised and showed Kerry Blue Terriors .We went to all of the big dog shows. I was the kennel boy-but only allowed to train the Kerries through Basic class because they were "confirmation " dogs and only allowed to show them when it "didn't count " I was in junior high. When I got older-married-4 kids (youngest 19 yr now ) I fell in love with Newfoundland dogs.The original water dog !! I have had Newfs since 1976 . (started out with Barbara Allen dogs ) My old man Newf -Gus - is 9 yrs old now. I love Newfs but they are HIGH MAINTAINANCE dogs. (LONG hair and up to 175 #'s ) I hate to have to admit it but grooming and bathing is a little rough on the old back and they do bring a lot of water into the boat :) (they are an ancester to the black lab don't ya know-that's where the lab gets it's beautiful big head )

I rescued Delilah (senior Golden-12 now and fell in LOVE with Field Goldens !!) I never thought I could be pulled away from Newfs but she stole my heart. Smaller (60 #) -beautiful red coat- hunting instincts you wouldn't believe-no wonder she was a breeder in a Denver puppy mill for 7 yrs - and a love for her rescuers that has NO bounds. And an easy keeper by comparison.

Because of her - I brought an 8 week old Topbrass Golden pup into my life last July. She is a year old now and WHAT a year it has been !! She's no couch potato that's for sure ! I have taken her through 2 puppy classes ,Basic obediance and we are now in Novice A Competitor class . I am a confirmed Field Golden Person now and will live with them for the rest of my life.

Maggie is the most wonderful dog I have ever lived with. She has every instinct a working Golden could be bred for . I have always believed (I learned this from Barbara Allen -working Newfs ) that dogs should be bred with the body type , spirit,and brains to do the work they were bred to do. This led me -also because of my Newfs -to throw myself into whole prey- raw feeding -as a way to try to alleviate many of the health problems Newfs ( ,labs, Goldens,etc.) have inherited from even O.F.A. certified parents. (hips,shoulders etc. ) I have known the heartache of having show-quality/breeding quality Newfs put down because of hip-displasia/O.C. D./ bloated/twisted stomachs for no apparent cause:( Hence large dog people looking at diet/environment as possible solutions when careful breeding and culling -didn't always seem to work. (the grand experiment -we don't know how it will ultimately turn out yet )

Needless to say I am hooked on Maggie's natural scenting/tracking ability(I love watching her air scent during our FIND IT games ) ,her maniac drive, and unbroken focus on the task at hand. I am loving obediance work with her. My only disappointment is the harsh winter weather here.It's hard to train when there is so much ice you can't stand up (my yard is a hill- of course ) the wind chills of minus 50F and a frozen big lake-when thawed it's 39 F (except for the top few inches :) . I live a few miles from Lake Superior. We're a HEARTY LOT! I was SOOO glad not to be potty training her in Nov. !!!

I came to this group looking for Older/Freezer burned meat (my form of hunting )- I now am a regular visitor of your forums (it's hard to pull myself away--especially hunting dogs and Mn. Duck and even Honey Hole :)) ! ) I now find myself wanting to look for a local retriever club in my area. You might have yourselves a convert- instead of waiting around for -usually guy hunters :) - to give me their "LEFT OVERS " I might just have to go out and rustle it up myself !! We have deer bow hunting here in town. (Duluth ) I spend a lot of time begging hunter friends not to field dress their game but to save it for my dogs. I have even -jokingly- offered to come with them and hold the bucket !! At the beginning of deer hunting season -I looked out my upstairs window -while typing and saw 3 large does running up our street past my parked car Oh to have a gun ! (., and had a black bear walking down my alley . ) This year was the first time I have been able to feed my dogs duck, pheasant ,quail ,and grouse. All from people cleaning out their freezers. My pup had elk,venison and buffalo smorgasboard (SP?-what kind of a MN am I ? :) for breakfast.

As you can tell- I am a fanatic about my dogs and their diet -I will get off my soap box now ! During the other portion of my life I have been an R.N. but am currently working as a Paraprofessional with severly handicapped special Ed. kids. I am hoping to train Maggie as a Therapy dog -in schools/hospitals and nursing homes -if I can ever wear her out ! Yea Right ! and possibly do some agility--if my 55 yr old body can hope to keep up with her. I will definately be getting another Top Brass-Jackie Merten's pup when my elderly canine family crosses over the Rainboe Bridge. (something I don't like to think about )

Hence THE PUP MAGGIE ! I sent my youngest off to college last June and brought her home . Who needs an empty nest :rofl: :rofl:

Should I publish this Bio ? I'll be quiet and listen/learn for awhile now..

Suzie G ,Gus My Hairy Boy (Newf ), Beautiful Red Delilah (rescued ,Elderly Golden ) and the ever active Top Brass Magnificent Maggie ("Mom ? When will YOU start bringing home the kill ? yourself ?" )
Suzie G.
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Postby NorCal Cazadora » Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:57 pm


And what a cool way to make sure no meat is wasted, even if it gets lost at the bottom of a freezer.

I'm in California so I don't think I can be much help to you - especially since my boyfriend and I eat our game meat pretty religiously, avoiding waste.

But one suggestion I have for you is to post in the Minnesota and Wisconsin state forums, where you'll find people who live close to you, making a handoff a little easier.

Holly Heyser
Editor, California Waterfowl Magazine
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NorCal Cazadora
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Postby Suzie G. » Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:41 pm

Hi, Suzie G. here

Thanks for the advice. You would be amazed at what people throw away ! I just received at least 25# of MN. venison because the family just did'nt like the tasta of it.

Suzie G. and Maggie (when are you going to take me hunting ? )
Suzie G.
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Postby NorCal Cazadora » Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:52 pm

Oh lord.

Good for you and your dog, but zoiks, it's a shame people don't want to eat their own venison. I think a lot of people struggle with it because you can't cook it the same way you cook store-bought meat. Gotta cook it fast and pretty rare.

Well, glad the appeal worked for you!
Holly Heyser
Editor, California Waterfowl Magazine
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Postby Admin2 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:40 am

Also talk to the local sherriff dept that you are looking for road killed deer and moose. They possibly could call you when they see one dead in the ditch.

The Deputy riding shotgun
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Postby Redheaded Girl » Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:02 pm

welcome to this part of the forums...and i cook venison like i cook beef...specially the steaks..dunno if its different bc my family processes our own meat so its mostly stew meat and steaks n such...
However on the health probs of purebred dogs, alot of it comes from inbreeding..not saying thats always the case but in alot of cases it is...but anywho...i used to have a newfie flat coated retriever mix...125lb dog..charm to work with...but anyways enuff babbling..welcome to the womens forum...i live in nw iowa..bout two hours n.e. of sioux city....give or take..depends on if im driving( i dont get lost) or if my bf's driving... lol if i come across any road kill or such...or we get something into the taxidermy thats not fit for human consumption ill let ya know :thumbsup:
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