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Just Tryin' To Help

Postby Quackcephus » Sun Jul 17, 2005 8:33 am

I'm glad to see ya'll have your own forum @ DHC. :thumbsup:

Here's a few tips for ya'll:

Make sure you have quailty gear, i.e. a good coat, gloves, socks, hat, waders, etc. There is nothin' more miserable than gettin' out there & bein' wet & cold, especially if it's a duck weather kind of day. Don't settle for "hand-me-downs" or "good enough".... get the real stuff. Your time in the blind will be much more enjoyable because you will be warm & dry.

Shoot a gun that fits YOU. To many times I have seen a gal totin' her husbands "back-up" gun. He's 6'+ & shes 5'.... she looks like she's swingin' a section of pipe just gettin' the gun to her shoulder, fightin' & strugglin' with the gun on every shot. Eventually she just gives up as the gun has wore her down & out. There are alot of guns out there for ladies & there is no shame in shootin' a 20ga instead of the biggest/badest 10-12ga duck killin' super gun on the market.

Shoot often & shoot well. Make your husband/boyfriend/dad/brother/cousin/uncle, etc. take you to the gun range & shoot some clay pigeons from time to time. You don't have to shoot 5 Stand or Sporting Clays, but an hour here & there shootin' the "throw your own" clay pigeons will help you build your confidence & learn how to swing your gun. Some gun ranges/clubs have shootin' instructors & it might be well worth an lesson or 2. Some of them also have a ladies group... it might be worth checkin' into.

Learn to back the boat trailer... even if it is just for the last few feet to launch the boat. And better yet, know how to drive the boat, load it on the trailer, etc. it is alot easier than it looks & just takes some practice.

Have your own blind bag with your own stuff in it... snacks, thermos, toilet paper & any other "essentials" you may need in the blind. Just know that guys don't think like gals & this will help you to have what you need out there.

Keep him motivated... don't let him get away with "maybe later" or constantly puttin' you off. It was my experiance as an Instructor in the US Army that gals are better shots than most men out of the box (center of gravity?), digest the info easier (left brain vs. right brain thing?), & are more confident in their abillities (I hate to say it, but it's true).

Now before any divorces or break-ups occur because "Quackcephus said"... be patient with your husband, boyfriend, etc. because afterall he's just a man. :laughing:

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Postby southernBuster » Thu Jul 21, 2005 11:55 am

QuAK!! thanks a ton that was some awesome advice!!
My husband is law enforcement but i think im a better shot hee hee hee !!! anyway thanks again and happy hunting to aall great pics by the way!!
love the girl , love her Chessie!
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Postby gsphunter » Fri Jul 22, 2005 11:42 am

Quack is that Mrs. Cephus?
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Postby Quackcephus » Sat Jul 23, 2005 4:31 pm

gsphunter wrote:Quack is that Mrs. Cephus?

Naw, she's a life long friend of mine's daughter & more than half my age... she is an accomplished skeet/trap/5 stand/sporting clays shooter (I won a few bets on her when she was a teenager against the men), but she had never shot a duck. One year at the Arkansas Waterfowl Association's Annual Hunt, I borrowed her a pairt of waders, a jacket & then put her some GREEN, inwhich she shot her limit in 7 shots (6 ducks... 4 Mallards & 2 Gadwall). I had the pic blown up & gave it to her Dad. :yes:

Now she's married to a duck huntin' friend of her 2 brothers... :thumbsup:
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