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Postby Outdoor Gal » Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:55 am

I was only able to get out twice during early goose season and no luck either time. At least we saw geese the second time out. They just ended up landing in the middle of the marsh 50 yards out of range. Grrr. We were SO busy with weddings and stuff on the weekends that we just couldn't get out any other time.

Looks like I'll be hunting without the hubby again for the duck opener. We're still newbies really, this is our second season waterfowling, but the other hunting partners are newer still at waterfowling. He's feeling the pressure to do all the footwork, calling, setup, etc., and really just wants to go out and have fun. One of his coworkers invited him out for opening day and I said "Go!" I'll either end up hunting with his dad and brother, or go with my uncle up to my grandparent's farm. We'll see what the next few weeks of scouting bring.

MicCog - I'd love to see some your shots (the photography ones :wink:). Sure sounds like you keep busy! I normally just turn into the "pack mule". I sometimes feel like I have to carry more than my share, kinda to prove myself or something. It's funny, I normally end up working out like crazy this time of year, just so I don't die while hiking into a spot. lol.

Liberty - First - :welcome: ! You run chessies I take it? We should start a "post your dog pics" thread. Good luck breaking through that good ol' boy's mentality! And hopefully you can find someplace to hunt!
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