text scrolling off the bottom of the field while typing!

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text scrolling off the bottom of the field while typing!

Postby toolmaker » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:36 pm

I have really hated the fact that on this site, once you get past a certain length on your post the text that you are typing is happening below the field of view...you can stop typing go over and drag the scroll bar down to see the cursor again...but the second you start to ype again...the field jumps out of view....so if you are a horrific typer like me...you need to trust your typing to the point you go check...and if you made a bunch of mistakes..its is misery trying to fix it...because as soon as you move the cusor behind the mistake and hit backapce...the field jumped down out of view... so if you guess you needed to delete say 7 letters and missed...you go look and you need to di t again...but as soon as you hit backspace...or actuivate the cusor in anyway...bamm the field jumps down and you cant see what is being typed..

i ahve never seen this on any other forum!! or anywhere else for that matter.

I know it has to be a long post...but if you replied with quotes...then you are automatically starting with a LONG POST and quickly get into this situation i describe.

i hope there is a SETTING to fix this... is there?


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