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Postby ohsay » Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:03 pm

I'm not one for shouting in thread titles, but as someone who spends a fair amount of time answering questions from other members, I feel I have a right to complain about it ... again ( I did under the last format to). Whether anyone else thinks it's deserved or not. lol It is a pretty poor feature at this point. Somehow it got even worse under the new format. It used to be mostly two letter or two number searches that didn't get results. Now it's far worse with number combinations and number letter combinations. I'm continually astounded by the seemingly countless number of letter/number combinations that come up with regards to gun models, ammunition, etc, etc, that you can't accurately search for using the search feature. I know it takes a little more work to alter the protocols for such a thing, but come on. It really is pathetic in its current form.
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