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Postby Slack Tide » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:41 am

I finally have the time to sit down and write a bit of this, although the full story belongs in a book....

We live on the Great South Bay on Long Island. Back in '09 I rebuilt my house to FEMA elevations and hurricane SPECS. At the first high tide of the storm, I knew we were in deep trouble as the shed that's 4' off the ground already had water in it. The full moon tide 6 hours later would certainly be worse for all that more wind behind it.

I put my pregnant wife (40th week!) and 2 year old in the van and sent them to the in-laws as planned. A few hours later after securing more and more stuff, I joined them. I said a quick prayer for my house and community and split.

The storm rolled through and the power went out everywhere.. Morning, it wasn't so bad (my inlaws are far inland)...I was supposed to meet a friend with a boat in Amityville and it was obliterated. We went out in the bay and found all kinds of crazy stuff. Roofs, boats, a car......
I was able to get to my house and all was intact. A big mess of the yard, the neighborhood was blasted, but my house was good.

My wife summoned me home because "it was time"... back in the boat, back to the inlaws, drop the 2 year old off, no power.
To the hospital we go.
Six hours of labor, not knowing what's going on with the power, my son, the community....the Dr orders an emergency C-Section. She was 10cm's and our first child was natural, we were not expecting this. The cord was over the baby's shoulder and stuck...
It was awful.

They both came out of it fine....a boy! I needed orange juice if you know what I mean.....drenched.

Back to the craziness of the post storm. No traffic lights, driving curfews, falling trees, downed wires, all the way to pick up my son. Everyone had there own story and there own personal hell..
Now gas shortages were mine. Can you imagine the stress?

There is so much more to it... but
We are home, the baby is healthy, my other son is a great brother already and my wife is on the mend.
We are still on generator power, on day 19... Police checkpoints to get to my house, road closures etc.

I have NEVER been tested like this last few weeks. I cannot believe the pile that God piled on me at every step.
But...I have to say that there was a very bizarre silver lining to every stupid thing that happened this week.

"I've been left for dead before but I'll still fight on, don't wait up, leave the light on, I'll be home soon"
Chris Smither
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Re: Sandy

Postby Bill Herian » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:47 pm

Congrats to you your wife on a healthy baby :clapping:

Great to hear that everyone is safe, you guys out there have been in my prayers for awhile now :thumbsup:
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Re: Sandy

Postby OGblackcloud » Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:08 am

Congrats on the baby :thumbsup: Hang in there Gods got your back
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