Message or Irony??

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Message or Irony??

Postby Slack Tide » Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:23 pm

I PM'd this to 870 so I thought I'd share it..
So after a long week of back and forth learning about Tithing (which I guess I heard of in a Catholic school, biblical concept) I came home yesterday and saw this thing on the news about a waitress in an Applebees who added her own 18% on the bill as her "suggested tip" I guess......
The patron wrote on the bill, "I give God 10%...why should I give you 18%?".......
I never thought of, talked about, or understood tithing before last week....
Very interesting sign that I would never have picked up on had it not been for our back and forth on the forum.....

My best,
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Re: Message or Irony??

Postby simplepeddler » Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:57 pm

Never comes across my mind to give or tip to a percentage................I like the feeling I get when I tip heavily, or when I tithe heavily. I am truly truly I tip and give like I am. It aknowledges to me that God has given much.
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Re: Message or Irony??

Postby rebelp74 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:23 pm

God always has a way to teach us.
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Re: Message or Irony??

Postby preacherdan » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:41 pm

Tithing is a very mis understood topic, your general percentage of people think that if they give a tithe to the church , the pastor takes it home at the end of the day, which is false. But it has caused the general public to become bitter to tithing. God has told us we needed to tithe for several reasons. It furthers his kingdom , for instance the Church needs an income to pay the power bill, at my church we send 40% of our income to missions to help further spread the gospel message of Christ. It can be used to help food pantrys, childrens homes etc. and ofcoarse yea the pastors salary. Gods Word says you cannot serve both God and money, by willingly surrendering your money to the Lord you lose the greed which lies behind the love of money, besides everything we have is Gods , so 100% of my income is really due to him, he lets me keep 90 of it . JC Penny, a man of God , actually tithed 90% of his income and kept 10% for himself, he made the statement that his 10% was plenty to survive on. Now mr JC Penny would be upset to see his store, open on sundays. No matter if your 10% is $5.00 a week or $500 a week, that is irrelivant to God, the scripture teaches we should tithe on our increase, which means before taxes, and after bonus checks or tips. I can personally assure you that if you tithe willingly, you will receive more blessings than you could imagine, they may not come in monitary possesion but they will be blessings.Tithing expecting this is not the idea at hand, but a willing servant to God will be rewarded. If a man does not tithe, i also can assure you God will get his 10% one way or another, your car may break , furnace , a/c , etc. but the sad thing is, that if this is te case the money may not always be used to further Gods Kingdom. Jesus said its easier for a Camel to weave through an eyelit of a needle than a rich man to make it to heaven. You see, a man who sees him self as fully self sufficient beleives he has no use for God, he serves only his money. So we must make sure the greed and love for money has no place within us. I urge anyone , tithe for awhile with a willing heart, and you will not miss the money. If yall have any questions please dont hesitate to ask
God bless, Pastor Dan
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