THE Covenant

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THE Covenant

Postby Welshman » Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:03 pm

( Third Covenant) The covenant that was given to Moshes writing on tablets of stone was the Torah ( First Five Books in the BIBLE) This is ELOHIM instruction ( The correct translation of Torah from Hebrew to English. The word law is incorrect. ) (5 Covenant) When the people ,Who are made of flesh, would not follow these instruction. ELOHIM gave his son the authority to give his life to pay for the penalty of sin which was death.This now places the Torah on the hearts and minds of people.The covenant does not change.This is what is referred to as the new covenant in the New Testament . ELOHIM NEVER CHANGES.He is the same Yesterday , Today, And Tomorrow. The covenant never changes, Just where it is placed. Torah still stands.
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