Word of the Day, January 10, 2014, Ecc 12:13

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Word of the Day, January 10, 2014, Ecc 12:13

Postby timf » Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:46 am

Word of the Day, January 10 , 2014

“ Great is Your love and justice, God of Jacob You use the weak to lead the strong You lead us in the song of Your salvation And all Your people sing along. Your Grace is enough.”

Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

We are to fear God. Keep His commandments and this is the whole duty of man. Our true religion should be with God and not men, earthly religions, false God’s, but with our Father God only.

Chapter 12 is a short chapter and I recommend reading it today. The writer, some assume Solomon speaks of the Creator is to be remembered in the days of our youth and that we are not to deferred to a later day and finishes with the fear of God is to be the chief concern of man. Some of the key words in this chapter are: Remembering God our creator, learn this as a child and redeeming the time till old age comes, feebleness and dimness of our vision when the darkness comes, Loss of hearing, sleeplessness, corruption, souls filled with immortality, vanity, and the spirit of man and returning to dust. Then there is a change from the preacher, to have wisdom, instructions, understanding of the proverbs, comfort and profit the readers and then what is one of the most important thing to do is to Fear God, obey His commandments for this is our whole duty as man.

As I study this book in Canaan, I realized that this is about the writers experiences and reflections of his conflict in his mind over the problems of his life. (We could all write a book on this) He goes on to tells about his delusion that nothing is better than the carnal enjoyment of life pleasures. This appears all through the book of Ecclesiastes and to me is quite evident that he was struggling with this. Yet he still utters profound truths of his relationship with God and our duties and and obligations to God. Finally, the writer seems to get his senses back, gets over his doubts and carnal pleasures as something to live for and comes to realize that his only duty is to Fear God, keep His commandments and live for God.

This book centers around six key ideals. Three of them are negative and resolve around the problems of life. The writer says that all is vanity, man is limited and the third ideal is that God is hidden in our lives. Been there and done that for sure. I have shared that many times in my past Word of the Days. I had vanity, I thought I did it all and fixed everything and God was not first in my life, I hide him behind me, duck hunting, work and everything else I put before God.

The other three ideals are positive. Fear God and keep His commandments, enjoy life and use wisdom properly. Since applying these ideals to my life, it has changed for the best, my relationship with Christ is so much closer, my wife and children and my brothers and sisters in Christ also.

All six of these ideals are throughout the book and the writer shows us that taken together, they demonstrate that the purpose of this book is to show us that we should lead godly and joy filled lives, even though we live in a world of divinely condoned mysteries.

What I take for this is that God has not answered every problem in my life, but He has commanded me to live a joyfully life, to be responsible and to use wisdom. The controlling factor in all my life should be the fear of God, thats it! Submission to God and His revelations in my life.

Ok, it’s Friday, get to a Bible preaching worship this weekend with your family. Sing and praise Him each and everyday, not just on Sunday. Make Him your leader Monday -Saturday also. I will not be writing the Word of the Day for the next two weeks because of work travel and I have no way of writing them on the road. So I pray for all the readers and hope that God blesses you during the next two weeks. Get into the word while I am going and please share any revelations that you get from the word the next two weeks with me via email, the forums or social media.

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