Word of the Day, May 9, 2014, 2 Kings 2:14-15

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Word of the Day, May 9, 2014, 2 Kings 2:14-15

Postby timf » Fri May 09, 2014 5:39 am

Word of the Day, May 09, 2014

" Until the whole world hears, Lord, we are calling out. Lifting up Your name for all to hear the sound. Like voices in the wilderness we're crying out. And as the day draws near, we'll sing until the whole world hears. ”

2 King 2:14-15

14 And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.

15 And when the sons of the prophets which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said, The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha. And they came to meet him, and bowed themselves to the ground before him.

Now for Part 2 of the miracles of Elisha. I was talking to my accountability partner and we discussed how God can do miracles through His people. If we are willing to rest, listen and obey.

1. Parting of the Jordan. Elisha used the mantle of Elijah that fell from him.
2. Healing the water. He put salt in the well and the water was purified.
3. Filling the valley with water. They should not see wind or rain, yet the valley was filled with water.
4. The vessel of oil. As much oil as they needed and more.
5. Prophecies a son to the Shunammite woman.
6. The resurrection of the Shunammite’s son.
7. The multitudes feed with bread.
8. Healing of Naaman. Went down to the Jordan and dipped himself seven times.
9. Tells the King about the Syrian’s battle plan.
10.Smiting the Syrian Army with blindness. Leading them the wrong way.
11.Restoring the sight of the Syrian army in Samaria.
12.The noise of thundering chariots and horses and cause the Syrians army to flee.
13.Prophecy of the seven year famine.
14.Prophecy that Jehu would smite the house of Ahab.
15.Prophecy that Joash would smite the Syrians at Aphek.
16.Prophecy that Joash would smite Syria thrice, but not consume them.
17.Resurrection of the man that touched Elisha bones. They threw him into the sepulcher of Elisha and when they laid him down, he touched the bones of Elisha and came alive again. This is my favorite one. God used him even after he was dead.

This is just some of the miracles and prophecies that Elisha did. He to was a man of God. Both Elisha and Elijah were willing to listen to the voice of God and move out for His kingdom. Are we willing to listen to that voice of our Father?

If you can, read 1 Kings and 2 Kings and see these miracles and prophecies that God used through these two men to protect the Israelites. I learned a lot when I studied these 2 books. God’s word is so amazing how he uses people to show His Awesomeness. Read your Bible and see what you can see and how God can even use us.

I have been on the road a lot and miss writing the WORD of the Day. Sorry for the week between part 1 and part 2. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there. Go to church with Mom this weekend at a good Bible preaching church and then spend some special time with your Mother and make sure you tell her that you love her and more importantly, God loves her even more.

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