Word of the Day, June 5, 2014, II Corithians 5:17-18

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Word of the Day, June 5, 2014, II Corithians 5:17-18

Postby timf » Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:13 am

Word of the Day, June 5, 2014

" Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak. Let them feel You when I sing. Let them see You, let them see You in me "

II Corinthians 5: 17-18

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;

Thank you Father God for making me a new creature. Thank you for the passing away of the old man I used to be. At times, I think of the old times and how much fun I had and sometimes even desire the old times today and then I remember the saving grace of Jesus and know that I am a new man in Christ.

These 2 verses can be described in the following words: New Things, Regeneration, Spiritual Renewal, New Man, Character Transformed, Reconciliation, a Ministry and to go and Preach. Do these words describe you and your relationship with Christ. Are we new or are we still the old man?

Paul could no longer think of Christ in a purely carnal term because of the truth that had been applied to him personally. When he came into union with Christ, our risen and glorified LORD, Paul was a new creation and he perceives Christ in a new way. Paul had a decisive break from the old to the new man once he was saved. Did we experience that when we were saved?

Though this change is different for each person, Paul is telling us much more . Not only are us believers changed, but a whole new creature begins with Christ. There is a new covenant, a new perspective, a new church and new body. This is not just a new change that will be quickly be superseded by another novelty or change. This is an entirely new order under Christ in our life. It requires a new way of looking at ourselves, all people and all of God's creation.

As a new creature in Christ, we are a brand new person on the inside. The Holy Spirit gives us a new life and we are not the same anymore. We are re-created and living in complete union and harmony in Christ. We are beginning a new life, not just a simple change.

God blotted out our sins so that we could be brought back to Him. Because we have been reconciled to God, we have the privilege and honour to encourage others to do the same through our ministry of reconciliation. It is not like turning over a new leaf, but we begin a new life under Jesus Christ, our LORD and Saviour. Are you a new creature or still the old man?

" The Lord has promised good to me. His word my hope secures. He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures."

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