I'm gona make your day

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I'm gona make your day

Postby Small Block » Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:06 pm

Love coming here to see what the good old boys are up to and compare notes on all the needs and wants in the world of duck hunting. Best place I know of to make that happen, now for the good stuff. Being in construction, work began to get a bit slow here in southern Missouri so one day I ran into an acquaintance at O'Riely auto parts store and ask if he was still doing the boiler maker thing and he was. I let him know real quick that if he needed any good help please call. A month later he did and told me when to be in Calif and who to ride with. Having lived with my wonderful wife for 35 yrs it was a difficult task to leave her if even for a few weeks but we both decided if nothing else there must be someone some where in my path that needed to hear what I have to say. Off I went. Didn't want to but when Ceasar needs money we try and keep him happy. Went to work out at a large refinery on night shift. No big thing on the work as I had spent many years in the oil fields on the north slope of Alaska. One morning as we were winding down and putting tools away I was skipping right along with a load of tools slung over my shoulder and dodging scaffold and pipes but I missed one. I hit my head on a low hanging scaffold and I had to grab onto the scaffold to keep from going to my knees. That morning from that time on and in the time I was in my room I had a pretty good headache. Here's where it gets good. I woke up the next morning with the mother of all headaches. I had to get it stopped. I went to the shower and turned it on COLD. In the 30 seconds to 1 minute I was in there I had no relief. I was vomiting and in great pain. I crawled out and dried off and pulled on my clothes in a big hurry as I knew I had to get help. I went outside in the parking lot about 9 am and called 911. The ambulance was there in 5 minutes and loaded me up and delivered me to perhaps one of the best Neuralogical center in the U.S. Just a 10 minute ride. There I stayed in ICU for 5 weeks and was discharged on March 20 th and rode lying down in the back in a Suburban to Missouri laying flat of my back. I'm sure your asking what happened. Well, the bump I took on my head jambed my head down on my neck and ruptured an aneurism in my brain. The wife, daughter and brother were there standing at the foot of my bed the next morning at 2 am from Missouri. At this point I loose track of the miracles that have already taken place and there were many more to come. One of my eight Doctors was a young Romainian gal that really knew her stuff. After I was there about 4 or 5 days she came in to see me and started to walk out. I told her I had her some help. She turned and ask, "and who might that be?" she replied. I ask her if she had ever heard of some boys by the name of Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednigo. Well she said maybe , not sure but probably. I told her that her help was that forth Man that was seen walking in the fire that day with those boys. Ha, she wasn't impressed. Two days later I had another bleed and they took me in again and put more coils in my brain only further up. They got it stopped. Man I was on a very strict regiment of medication, curtains pulled to keep it dark, no noise and if my blood pressure went up the wife would have to leave. One week after that, that same Doctor came in and said she was gona PULL my death certificate as I wouldn't be needing it. Imagine that. Two days before I checked out I ask another Doctor how bad I was when I came in there. He said if I hadn't have came there I would have died. I got home and was relaxing in my chair watching hunting and fishing shows when the phone rang. A lady identified herself as my case worker for the purpose of follow up. She ask me how I was ding and after I said fine she started crying. After she collected herself I had to ask what was wrong. She told me she had worked in an ICU dept for 20 years before the case worker gig and during that time they had 25 patients come through her dept with the same thing I had. NONE OF THEM MADE IT. I was the first one with this issue that she had EVER had to chance to speak with on the other side. Can you spell MIRACLE? Make that plural.
During that stay in Calif I would see beings in my room late at night that the wife did not see. I'd try and show them to her but she was not seeing in the spiritual realm. God had his angels watching over me. One night I was by myself and curtains were pulled and lights were out and I just had the need to praise the lord for my health. Now here's a guy with an aneurism that no one thinks will live thanking his heavenly father for his health. I lifted my hands in praise and after a few moments I opened my eyes and at the foot of my bed stood three figures. Don't tell me it wasn't the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. I had some major help looking over this old boy. I'm talkin faith in action. I'm recovering well. Much better than ANYONE can imagine or believe. Most Doctors who would care for me would enter my room and with charts in hand look me up one side and down the other and even ask me if I was who this chart said I was. They ALL said I didn't look like the guy that their chart described. God was healing me faster than their medicines or treatment. I'm now driving and riding my GoldWing and will always let people know that God is alive and well on planet earth. Out of this whole ordeal I have came away with a very rewarding knowledge of my place in Gods scheme of things. I've always known who God was and he always knew who I was, but now I feel that when I pray, I see God setting on the throne with Jesus setting on the right and they are discussing Iraq, Washington, abortion, homosexuality, Joe, Tom, John, Sally, Suzie but when He hears Bill, He turns to all of heaven and says "HOLD ON, BILLS CALLING". Man that's POWERFUL. I serve a BIG loving God who not only cares for me but cares for everyone that will acknowledge him and all he has for us and wants to do for us. It's great to be back guys. call me the million dollar man. They remind me from time to time that my medical costs have an accumulated value in excess of $1.4 million. Gods takin care of that one too.
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Re: I'm gona make your day

Postby timf » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:06 am

Praise the LORD! He is so Great! Praying for you!

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