bear truth 2 young gun

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bear truth 2 young gun

Postby jehler » Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:58 am

I assume some of you guys have kids that shoot so i thought I would give you a rough review of this bow. jehler jr. just gave up his micro midas 3 for the new bear truth 2. There is nothing wrong with the micro midas 3 and it is a sweet little bow but he and I are painting it up in bright pink with a sparkly clear coat for his little sister :yes:

cons: the camo is dipped and scratches easily. depending on what rest you have the quiver gets in the way of the rest mount when you tune things up. the string and cables are neon green and hunters orange, maybe not a big deal but why not something dark and natural colored on a hunting bow.

Pro's: the bow has tons of adjustment. my son was pulling 30 pounds on the micro midas 3 and I was a little nervous buying a 50 pound bow but it turned down without any problems, he actually can pull back 35 pounds on this bow now as it is quite a bit smoother. the draw adjustment uses the same type of cam as the parker where you don't need a press, just pull out the set screw and adjust, I like the bear better as it has 14"s of adjustment as opposed to 10"s and the adjustments are labled with the draw length not a,b,c,d,e... like the browning and parker. again the bow is very smooth shooting for a kids bow, it is not super quiet but there is very little felt shock when you shoot. I don't know if the parralell limbs are nessacery on a kids bow but the fact that it "looks like dads" is a big deal and gave him a little pride and confidence boost that showed in his shooting. he is shooting quite a bit tighter groups with this bow than he was with the browning. he was shooting 230s and 240's in 5 rounds of 6 and now he is in 250s (preach maybe you guys should have a little archery competition :wink: )

I forgot there was an archery forum on here :oops:
I hope this helps anyone who might be shopping for a kids bow :thumbsup:

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