338 Federal Experiences? Thinking of building new AR10

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338 Federal Experiences? Thinking of building new AR10

Postby carlschmarl2 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:19 pm

338 Federal Experiences? Thinking of building new AR10

Does anyone have any experience with the 338 Federal round? I’m thinking about building my next AR10 with a 338 upper versus the standard 308. I know the 338 is a necked up 308 with a slightly larger diameter bullet. I’d like to it mainly as a deer gun. But if the situation ever arises, maybe bear, elk and/or moose. I like the idea of the 338 because of the wide range of weights to choose from. Also, it’s starting to become more prevalent and is sitting on more store shelves.

What kind of distance can I expect out of the 338 Fed?

Is the 338 Fed around to stay? Or is it just a novelty round?

Or should I just stick with the tried and true 308?

What other big bore calibers should I look at?

I was originally looking at the 50 Beowulf, 450 SOCOM and/or 450 Bush but those are only 150-200yds rounds at best. The plus side of these is that all I would need is a dedicated upper for one of my AR15 lowers. But ammo availability can be a bitch. I can shoot half that distance with my 20ga and damn near that with my 50 cal smoke pole.

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Re: 338 Federal Experiences? Thinking of building new AR10

Postby waterfowlhunter » Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:55 am

The 308 150gr BT is an easy 300yd deer round with the. It still has around 1100fp energy at 500yds and most consider 1000fp the min for whitetail so it is acceptable for even that far out. The 308 with a 150gr bullet will drop about 45" if zeroed at 200yds if I remember right. the 338 fereral will drop about 5" more but that is with a 180gr bullet so it will still have about 1200fp energy remaining with a BT or Accubond. Without looking at all the specs I think I can load a 168gr Nosler pretty close to 30-06 velocities which with an accubond is a great elk or black bear round along with deer. I personally would stick with the 308 but that is just because I am already set up with equipment and bullets for the 308 but if starting from scratch I might try the 338 Federal.

I jumped on the 300 WSM wagon and have never looked back. Taken more deer with that rifle than any other and most of them never take a step. I did a lot of research looking at the 300 WSM and the 300 Rem Short mag. I noticed that savage, browning, winchester, sako, even Remington + many others were making rifles for the 300 WSM but only Remington was making them for the Remington short mag. Now the RSAUM has pretty much vanished.

I would see who is making rifles for the round. If no Major gun manufacturer is supporting it then it probably will not have a huge following and could become hard to get or even obsolete. Every one seems to be trying to follow Winchester their short magnums, Ruger and TC have hornady, federal and remington all tried it. The only one that gained popularity was the Winchester so far.
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