Lone Wolf Brand Glock© conversion barrels??

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Lone Wolf Brand Glock© conversion barrels??

Postby FMFdevildoc » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:28 pm

Anyone used or own the Lone Wolf Brand aftermarket Glock© conversion barrels - for converting .40sw or .357sig to 9mm ?

I am sold on getting one - just looking to see what other's experiences were? The general consensus I have gathered is that a) It's a Glock and b) It is a Glock; so odds are there wont be much problems with it.

I am mainly looking for pros / cons and any 'long term' or post-heavy use / consumer reviews. I have already discussed "Glock ka-booms" and Glock lover / Glock hater plenty.

Plus, any general love / hate or good / bad on the outfit who makes these conversion barrels (Lone Star) would be appreciated.
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