Need a AR15 Magazine in 7.62x39

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Need a AR15 Magazine in 7.62x39

Postby Nerdwick » Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:59 am

So I hve been building an AR in 7.62x39, and te only thing I have leftt get is te magazine. I have been waiting for a certai supplier to restock, and didnt see this crazyiness coming and now nobody has them.

I was wondering if smebody has an extra 30rd magazione they would like t trade for?

I am also looking for a 20rd and a 4rd magazine for a DPMS in .308 but Im in no rush for those.

If you have someting you would like to trade for please let me know, or if you come across one at a normal/decent price PM me please.

Thank you!!!

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