The 17. Winchester super mag

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The 17. Winchester super mag

Postby micneador » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:06 pm

Just bought a new savage bolt gun chambered in 17. Super Mag. After doing research before I bought the gun, found it was necked down from a 27. Nail gun. Quite interesting the velocities it pushes out.

Let me start out with the cons of this gun.
The trigger breaks at 4.5lbs with a bit of creep, not bad but definatly not the 2lbs on my HMR
The bolt is very tight, it locks on the down stroke as you close the bolt.
If you don't use 1" rings on the scope, you're going to be knockin the bolt handle and/or your fingers on the scope.
Rotary magazine, we'll see how the springs hold up.

Free float barrel
very light
short barrel, can swing it around in the truck. Very handy for coyotes on the ranch.

Now the bullet
20 or 25 grain winchester varmint polymer tips
20 grains (all I can find right now) anywhere from 2500-3000fps
winchester is still trying to find the sweet spots in their loads so they are about as consistent as ducks in a walmart parking lot.
as a result I'm only able to achieve moa groups at 100 yds.
box says 4" drop at 200 yds. , going to have to put some 300 yd groups off the bench to see how well it'll do.
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