Savage 10 precision carbine

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Savage 10 precision carbine

Postby talltimber » Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:15 am

This is the rifle I finally chose to try. It's a .223, 20" mid weight barrel, detachable bottom magazine.
I had a round count of 50 on it when I shot some groups at 100yds. Two different loads a buddy loaded for me.
This was my first group, so I was tickled.
First group of this load. Tickled again.
In honesty, those were also the best groups if the two, they just happened to be the first.
I shot three cards, with three-shot groups on each, of each of the loads- the 25 gr and the 26 gr. The 26 gr , three card average, was .455 with a best of .270 on card one. The 25gr three-card average was .335 with a best card/group of .305 (iirc, I don't have that one in front of me).
Overall, so far, I am super pleased with it and it might get a little better. Round count of 80 now. I wrote this up to maybe help out someone find some info on this rifle. There was plenty on the .308 but not much on the .223.

This was the worst group of the six. .562 iirc

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Re: Savage 10 precision carbine

Postby blackrock » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:34 am

That will work
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