TC encore accuracy?

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TC encore accuracy?

Postby waterfowlhunter » Fri Jun 12, 2009 4:23 am

I am considering a new Encore rifle and an Encore Pistol, I want the pistol in 460 S&W and am a bit concerned about Recoil on this one. I have no problem fireing off several chambers of 480 ruger but this round is much more potent than anything I have fired in a handgun before, I hunt a lot in a shotgun / pistol only area and would like to expand my options.

On the Encore rifle I am looking at a 12ga rifled barrel and 50cal Muzzle loader barrel and would like to know how much accuracy I can expect from these barrels. I might even add a 308 when I can.

Any opinions on these would be helpfull as I have never owner an encore.
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Re: TC encore accuracy?

Postby Norsky » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:13 pm

I had a 25-06 Encore. My Dad has the 25-06 long barrel and 308 pistol and the 50 cal muzzle loader barrel. They are accurate. I used mine for coyote hunting. I did shoot mine a fair ammount of the bench at targets and it would shoot in the 1/2 inch range on it's best days. I ended up selling it. I cant say I miss it though. A single shot is just that. The barrels are too expensive for what you getting. I had the belief that you only need one shot and still agree with that line of thinking. I just feel better knowing I had more in the gun than one. Mine had a right hand twist barrel. There are not any real good bore guides for the Encore either. All in all they are a good gun but for the price they want for them I think you could get more for less with other brands of bolt action rifles. The 308 pistol will give you a headache if your not wearing ear muffs. It is accurate also. Not fun to shoot but will shoot a long way for a pistol. I do not know how the accuacy is on his muzzle loader. Hope this helps. Dave
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Re: TC encore accuracy?

Postby muddydog » Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:12 pm

I have no experience with the encore, but a coworker has one in a 7mm08 and he cant get any better than 2'' groups with it. I did have several contendor handguns in the past that where very accurate. The only negative thing I can say about them was the spur on the trigger guard under recoil was rough on my fingers. Had to modify my grip while shooting them. Most will agree that the TC guns are well made and very accurate!
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Re: TC encore accuracy?

Postby fenton_3 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:31 am

My uncle has a TC Contender in .223 Rem and its a tack drive with a 16" barrel. I think they are well made and accurate little rifles. As I am sure you know by buying a new barrel for $200 to $300 you have a whole new gun and that is why I would go with the encore over the contender - many more choices on calibers. The price seems a little high for a single shot when you can get a nice bolt gun for less, but that just makes you want to make the first shot count more!!!
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Re: TC encore accuracy?

Postby papawman » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:46 am

Thompson Center has had a great reputation for these
high quality single shots for a long time
I have been into Contenders for years and
at one time or another probably had all the barrels - chamberings

I have a couple Encores now and they seem to be
as good as the contenders.

HOWEVER - shooting rifle chambering in a pistol length barrel
wil require handloading for any accuracy with some exceptions
like the .223 which is pretty much designed for the ar15 carbines

with the rifle barrels you shold see exceptional accuracy
mine shoot very very well
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