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Photography help in FLA

Postby FakeWake » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:48 am

Hi, my name is Al Stearns from Douglas MA, and I’m looking for someone in your area to take me to a place where we can photograph ducks coming into decoys. I don’t plan to hunt, but if we end up tagging along with a group that does hunt, that would be great. I have a product that I’ve just developed and I need to get pictures of ducks decoying to it. It has started to ice over up here so I need to travel to get my pictures, which is why I’m willing to come down to your area.

The product I’ve developed is an inflatable device which once inflated, takes the general shape of the letter “V”. Along with the general shape being that of the letter “V”, chambers inflate which resemble the ripples you would find behind a moving duck. Once this is attached to a decoy the decoy appears to be moving because it has a wake behind it. The reality is that it is an optical illusion and the decoy isn’t moving anywhere, the ripples behind the decoy fool the mind to think that it’s swimming. I have had success testing the prototype up here and I have pictures/information I can send showing how it works to anyone who’s genuinely interested in helping me out.

I’m looking for someone to take me to a place where we can set out a dozen decoys and hopefully have birds decoy to them. I would expect we might need one or two 4 hour sessions to get enough pictures and video. If you are willing to assist in the picture or video taking, then the format would have to be digital so I can take the pictures back up here. If you just want to hunt, then I’ll take the pictures myself. I intend to use the pictures and video in a Power Point presentation I will set up in a booth at the Outdoor Sporting Shows where I market my product. If a qualified photographer were to work with me, he/she would get credit for their pictures and I would gladly pay for their time.

Serious responses only please. I would like to come down as soon as possible and I will work around what ever schedule you have. I can be reached at e-mail address or by phone at (508)476-9784.

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