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Lens help

Postby greenster » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:01 pm

well I got me a new Picture takin mechanism. Nikon D40. Not the Best by far, nor the wost, some where in the middle I suppose. I'm not much of a camera person, but I'm learning.

It came with a 18-55mm lens. But my question is what do I need to take great close up pictures of far way things, such a deer, ducks etc? Lets say 200yds. How will a 300mm do? Is there a guide to feet/yards per hundred MM?
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Postby Bayou state shutterbug » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:18 pm

200 yds??? That 300 ain't coming close. Not many lenses gonna reach that far. Going to have to go REALLY big and really expensive. You're looking at better than 10 - 15k for a good lense.

300 is ok for short to mid range stuff. Depends on the speed.
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Postby REM1100 » Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:29 pm

Most wildlife photobugs especially Birders will say 500mm is the minimum start point.
Do the Math the D40 has a crop factor of I think 1.5x automatically and putting on a 300mm lens will give you a zoom focal length factor of 450mm which is not too bad but you have a compromise because most lens are soft at the top end and slow f5.6 or even f6.3 and the pic will not be top notch but will be accceptable with software massaging
Most of the guys here are using the 300mm because it is in direct correlation to the type and class of the camera on the economy end

You would not put on a Rols Royce hood on a VW..putting a lens that costs more than twice or three times the D40 is not going to give you noticeable results.

I personally use a 70-210mm medium fast telephoto f3.5-f4.5 and try to get as close as possible as it is a good sharp lens or if I wanted to get out there I use a !.5 teleconverter to get there and crop and use alot of contrast and sharpening on the software.
I cheat because I am poor when I should shell out for a Sigma Bigma 500mm at f4 I think for $800.
I always try out new lens combos and brands in stores and have found out they have some sort of weakness or I can't justify the price for limited use. The lens I have now are ok and get the job done and are hard to beat at a certain budget below $500.

Most pics posted here are from point and shoots some from super compacts with good zoom and some guys use DSLRs to some extent with the economy 70-300mm zooms...Just a few will have a higher grade camera with the expensive super fast lens..In my opinion the camera system has to pay for itself in work and personal satisfaction

As you are not taking pics for a living.. the d40 wih some older Nikon lens will do the trick with a thin pocketbook.......meaning the older 50-70-300mm is ok.
If you have the bucks the Nikon lens with the image stabilization in 50-300mm should be Ok as it takes acceptable pics..I had my hands on one ..my bros for this summer tour.

lets see some pics of real wild life ..not park birds to test an affordable good zoom lens
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