Turkey Mishap

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Turkey Mishap

Postby mayhem96 » Sat May 05, 2012 8:24 am

Well I went out this morning to try and knock down a turkey here in North Carolina. As I was putting my face mask on the bird gobbled 75 yards away on the limb. He gobbled about 30 times on the limb before I made the first yelp on my Bat-Wing diaphragm. All of a sudden a hen flew down at the other end of the field. So with this bird gobblin' his head off, I started doing some aggressive yelps and clucks. I wanted to make sure the bird flew down to me instead of the hen. Well I had my hen decoy out and about the 40th gobble or so, I heard the bird and this time he was on the ground! I had no idea he had flown down! He must have flown down in the woods or the back field. As I looked near the tall grass and "by-golly" here comes the bird. He makes the corner and starts coming down the mowed trail. He came to my hen decoy at 20 yards. He was at full-strut and spittin' and drummin'. I have never experienced this before. To make the long story short, He was still at my decoy when I pulled the trigger of the Benelli. And the end result...the turkey runs off...to live another day! Moral of the story is to ALWAYS pattern your gun...EVERY YEAR! Hopefully he wasn't too frightened and I can kill him next weekend. Just felt like I needed to share my story.
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Re: Turkey Mishap

Postby RockyMtnGobblers » Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:36 am

Happens to us all some time. But we still love it.
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