Great Hunt and a Big Tom

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Great Hunt and a Big Tom

Postby A-Bomb » Thu May 22, 2014 5:53 pm

Took my Tom last Sunday morning.

Got up at 3:30 AM, dressed and left home by 4. Hit turkey camp by 5ish and did the half mile walk back. Double bull and decoys set by 5:30. Birds gobbling all around the little field I set up in but nothing real close. All roosted on adjoining properties for some reason. Closest bird was on the far side of a neighboring 40 acre parcel i thought. By 6 I heard a bird fly down and it wasn't long until a hen appeared at the field edge. I called to her and the bird gobbling. They both responded. The hen came in and fanned out, wrapped her neck around my hen decoys and pushed her breast up against it all the while clucking and purring. I continued to call and the Tom gobbled to my every note. Slowly but surely he was getting closer. Finally the hen got her aggressions out and settled in amongst my decoys feeding away. I kept working the tom and finally I caught movement in the woods. I could see two hens and a fan approaching the field. Once they hit the field I could see the beard swinging with the naked eye. I called softly and the hens came to my spread like they were on a string with ole boy no more than 5' behind them the entire way. When they were at about 35 yds the toms head and neck turned completely white, he went to half strut and made a b line for my jake decoy. About 5' away from it he fanned out again. By now I had the gun up, safe off and ready to fire at a moments notice. He broke strut again, probably to pounce on my jake decoy, when I laid the hammer down. He fell to the ground never flopping once. The hens ran over to their Prince Charming and started picking and scratching at him. I guess turkey's don't like a cheating old man either lol....I sat in the blind until the hens exited the field and wandered out to check out my bird. Dad died last Spring and this is the second nice bird outta his favorite spot. Last year I got a triple beard from his honey hole. I almost think he sends these dandies to me sometimes.

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Re: Great Hunt and a Big Tom

Postby Tryingtaxi » Thu May 22, 2014 6:10 pm

Nice bird. Sorry about your dad maybe he is sending them birds because that thing is huge.
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Re: Great Hunt and a Big Tom

Postby MinneKans » Thu May 22, 2014 10:01 pm

Nice bird and story. Sorry to hear about your dad too. Lost my dad 5 years ago this spring. Got my bird in KS last week. After shooting the bird, I took my hat off and realized it was his hunting cap. My dad hat a quirky habit of writing the month/year/price on just about everything he purchased. This hat had those markings so it was his. I guess my dad was with me on this hunt.
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Re: Great Hunt and a Big Tom

Postby Cujo1 » Fri May 23, 2014 8:14 pm

Cool stories guys! Never forget those hunts on hallowed ground :thumbsup:
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