Fly down wing question

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Fly down wing question

Postby Pete-pec » Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:09 am

I was just wondering how many people here use a couple wings to imitate a hen flying down? I like to hunt close to the roost my self, and love this technique. I saved a couple wings with the primary feathers only, and use them create the sound of a hen flying from her roost. I'll do a couple nervous (fly-down) clucks first, then flap a two wings one atop the other against a sapling then my self, for a few seconds, followed by a few more every ten seconds in succession, imitating the dominant hen, subordinate hens and jens flying down. The two wings together will give off a snapping sound as the primary feather shafts crack against a tree or your body, sounding very realistic. I'll have a full strut jake fan on a stake (trust me, they don't care if there's not a decoy body attached) I use an old arrow shaft glued to the fan stuck in the ground by it's self or next to a jake decoy, and a few hen decoys out in the field before sun-up, and from my experience, this has been super effective. I've had as many as 20 birds all ages and both sexes fly into my decoys like waterfowl will. You do have to call and imitate the fly-down much earlier than normal (at the first minutes of open hunting hours), because you can get busted by roosted birds in good daylight, but if you can sit still and allow shooting hours to open, this can be very effective in getting a bird at first light. Of course like any technique out there, it won't work every time. I've got into clucking battles with the dominant hen on her roost. I simply will imitate her clucks as soon as she talks, and piss her off. I had a dominant hen on two separate occasions fly down and attack my hen decoys. I know it's not too often that a hen will fight, but they do! I sit my back in a clump of trees or a big old oak with my back to the flock I may have roosted the night before, and facing towards my decoys which I keep to my left for easier shooting (I'm right handed). If you can call in the hen, and she is out in your decoys "clucking" mad :wink: , then you have the perfect draw for the tom that will usually follow. If you've never tried it, then give it a shot, and if you already do it, then let us hear your stories.

This especially works well early in the season when the birds are still in their winter flock. Basically your trying to call in the hens, with the toms to follow.

April 11th and 12th is my Son's first season, and he has the youth hunt for that weekend. Hopefully I'll post pictures then. :thumbsup:

Good luck everyone!

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Re: Fly down wing question

Postby meatwagon8 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:39 pm

I like to fly down with em every morning too. But I just use my hat. It is a whole lot easier to carry around on my head than it is to carry around the wings. But, to each man his own, right?
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Re: Fly down wing question

Postby Super Dave 32 » Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:52 pm

I hunt with a guy who uses his hat too. He always sits behind me and calls. The first time he did the "fly down", I thought that he was being attacked by fire ants. He was pounding his leg with his hat. I had no clue what he was doing. It was kinda funny but it sounded good.
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Re: Fly down wing question

Postby stumpjumper » Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:15 pm

I almost always do a fly down. I bought the wing-thing by Lohman calls a few years back. Paid like $10 for it to find out it was made out of brown paper bag bottoms :clapping: :clapping: but I`ll be damn if it didn`t sound realistic. Since then I have made my own version of the design for a few friends.
I have called birds in by doing a flydown alone. If the tom gobbles at my fly down I`ll throw another in there and cackle at the same time. But normaly I`ll do three fly downs. After the fly downs I`ll wait for a few minutes and start purring and scratching in the leaves. Works wonders some mornings. And sounds realistic. Just another sound that most guys don`t use

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Re: Fly down wing question

Postby CALLEMQUACKTN » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:28 pm

I use my hat too
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